The problem solver against lifting

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The problem solver against lifting
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For problem nails
Air-drying primer
light-curing primer
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The Emmi-Nail problem solver against lifting.

Liftings are areas where the material separates from the natural nail and as a result affect the hold of your modeling. Liftings must always be removed as quickly and completely as possible to avoid diseases caused by moisture and bacteria.We have put together a set that no nail table should be without to ensure that your modeling is perfect without liftings:

For problem nails
air-drying primer
light-curing primer

Emmi Prep & Prime 10ml is applied thinly to the natural nail and not cured (air-drying).Emmi-Nail Base Coat S2 is then simply applied like Nail polish and cured for 120 seconds under UV or UV/LED light.You can then start working with your Emmi-Nail gels, acrylic gels or powder-liquid modeling (acrylic).The problem solver set is suitable for all Emmi-Nail gels, acrylics and Acrylic gels suitable.

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Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails, Liability difficulties, Problem nails
Use Primer
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