Extend gel and natural nails

Beautiful long nails are the dream of many women. However, if nature has not created the necessary conditions for this, it does not have to remain unfulfilled. With a nail extension , you can get your gel nails and natural nails to the desired length and shape in no time at all.

How do I get long fingernails?

There are basically two ways to do this:

The simplest option is to extend them with nail tips. Tips are artificial fingernails made of plastic that are glued to the natural nail with a special superglue. They can then be shaped into the desired form using a tip cutter. The remaining natural nail is then reinforced with nail gel.

For more experienced nail designers, the extension with a nail template is suitable. In this case, a thin self-adhesive layer is pushed under the natural nail onto which the gel or acrylic powder is then applied. After curing, the template is removed and the modeling is finished. The nail stencil is much more flexible to use than tips and can be better adapted to the natural nail shape.

Whether you want to extend your nails with nail tips or a stencil extension is up to you. With both methods, the materials you use for nail modeling form the basis for magical results. Emmi®NAIL provides you with high-quality tips and stencils that ensure excitingly beautiful results. You can also find the necessary accessories for nail repair and natural nail enhancement in our online store.

What are fiberglass nails?

Nail extensions can also be created with fine strips of fiberglass. This technique is a little more complex and requires an activator in addition to the fiberglass glue. If you are new to nail design, you can easily make your own fiberglass nails with emmi®NAIL Fiberglass Gel. Fiberglass gel contains fine particles of fiberglass that provide additional stability for the nail. However, it remains flexible enough to feel completely natural on the nail bed. Because it is so robust, it is particularly suitable for long fingernails. Fiberglass gel is also ideal for those who prefer to wear their nails short. It is slightly thicker and does not run into the nail fold as easily when applied. This is why beginners can also use it very well. If you are still unsure about the application, it is best to look for a high-quality nail salon. If you have enough time and patience and use high-quality products, you can also try it yourself with the following instructions.

Instructions for extension with tips:

  1. Prepare the natural nail, remove the cuticle, roughen the nail with the buffer
  2. Select the nail tip in the desired size. Important here: The tips must be exactly the same size as the nail surface and must not be under pressure.
    Remember: The more carefully you work here, the better the nail extension will hold.
  3. Attach the tips to the nail with a special tip adhesive. A tiny drop is all you need. However, no bubbles should form. Make sure that the center of the tips forms a line with the back of the finger bones. Now trim the tips with the tip cutter.
  4. Now apply the bonding gel and cure it in the UV device or UV/LED device.
  5. Now apply the gel to the nails. Apply the build-up gel to the fingernails and hold your hand down for three seconds with the back of your hand to achieve an optimum C-curve.
  6. Cure again under the UV lamp and file the finished nails into shape.
  7. Now create the nail design of your choice with color gel or nail art.
  8. Finally, the fingernails are sealed.

Instructions for extension with stencil:

  1. Prepare the nail as usual and apply additional primer if there are adhesion problems.
  2. Apply priming gel and harden
  3. Adjust the template to the prepared nail and cut to size if necessary. Make sure that it fits the nail perfectly and that there are no gaps. Important: For perfect stiletto nails, the template should be centered. To achieve this, the side lines of the template must run parallel to the nail.
  4. Apply build-up gel, first to the nail and then to the template. Allow the nails to harden under the UV lamp after application. Tip: Apply another layer of build-up gel to give the nails more hold. Then cure again.
  5. Now the stencils can come off the nail.
  6. File the nails until the desired shape has been created.
  7. Next, work in color gel, glitter or anything else you like.
  8. Finally, use an emmi®NAIL sealing gel to create a finish of your choice. ➠ Video instruction stencil

Shape stencil roll

  • stencil roller narrow for narrow nails.
  • Wide stencil roller for nails with a wide nail bed.
  • Stencil rollerStrong Form round for all nail shapes.
  • Stencil roller Strong Formpointed especially for special shapes and excess lengths such as stiletto or edge.
  • Stencil rollerWings "Stiletto" also has two adhesive strips that you can stick together to improve the adhesion of the nail stencil to the finger.

The self-adhesive stencils are made of high-quality aluminum paper. Thanks to the special paper, they offer optimum shaping. Extreme adhesive strength prevents the stencil from slipping on the finger. The printed scaling makes it easier to individually extend the gel or acrylic modeling. You can also easily repair chipped or broken nail corners with the Emmi-Nail stencil roll.

How do I use fullcover tips?

  1. Prepare the natural nails as usual.
  2. Now choose the right tip for the natural nail. Use a tip that is slightly larger, as it still needs to be filled with the gel.
  3. Roughen the inside of the tip with a buffer or bit in the area of the natural nail.
  4. Now apply the Emmi-Nail Prep & Prime to the natural nail and allow it to air dry briefly.
  5. Then apply a thin layer of Base Coat S2 to the natural nail and allow it to harden.
  6. Brush the Press on Glue onto the inside of the tip.
  7. Place the tip on the nail plate at a distance of approx. 1 mm from the upper nail fold. Make sure that there are no air bubbles when setting.
  8. Now harden the nail. TIP: Press the tip against the nail for the first 10 seconds during curing. The nail can then be cured for 120 seconds.
  9. Buffer the nail tip and apply the desired color gel or UV polish, let the nail harden and seal your finished design to finish.

What is a refill?

With a refill, the nail that has grown out is covered again with acrylic or gel. A nail grows approx. 0.5mm to 1.2mm per week. A refill is therefore necessary every three to four weeks.

In the nail salon or at home, the entire modeling is roughened and all areas under which liftings have formed are filed off. Liftings are air pockets under the nail modeling. Then apply bonding agent to the free areas on the natural nail and rebuild the nail layer by layer. If the majority of the modeling has to be removed, you should file off the remains completely and start all over again.

An extension with a tip can be filled in until the tip is completely shortened. When extending with a stencil, only use a new stencil if you want the nail to be longer than before.