Nail care when traveling - how to keep your nails in top shape on the go

Traveling often means breaking out of your everyday routine and embarking on new adventures. It can happen that nail care is neglected. But don't worry! In this blog post, you'll find out how you can take care of your nails practically and easily while traveling to keep them in top shape.

What you need for nail care when traveling

It's important that you have the essentials for nail care with you when traveling. Here are some must-haves for your travel nail care:

  1. Travel manicure kit: a small, compact manicure kit is ideal for traveling. Make sure it contains nail scissors or nippers, a high-quality file and a rosewood stick.
  2. Hand cream: A small tube of hand cream moisturizes your hands and nails, especially after frequent hand washing when travelling.
  3. Nail oil: A small bottle of nail oil nourishes your cuticles and keeps them supple.

Tips for nail care when traveling

  • Plan time for nail care: Make time for your nail care regularly, even when you are traveling. It can be helpful to schedule fixed times, e.g. after showering or before going to bed.
  • Pay attention to hygiene: It is particularly important to pay attention to cleanliness when traveling. Wash your hands and nails regularly and clean your manicure set to prevent infections and contamination.
  • Be careful with public manicures: If you decide to enjoy a manicure on vacation, make sure the salon is hygienic and use your own manicure kit if possible.

With these tips and the right equipment, you can easily take care of your nails and give them the attention they need while traveling.