Nail care for men

Manicures for men may seem a little outlandish to some people. But if the word manicure makes you think of glittery nails from the nail salon, you should take a serious look at the subject of well-groomed nails. Grooming has been both fashionable and cult for centuries. But even if men have ignored nail care for a long time, it is still a topic that should be given some attention. Manicures for men differ from nail care for women in some respects, but they are easy to do at home and give nail salons the opportunity to tap into a whole new customer base.

Why manicures for men can be important

Manicures for men are important in various areas. Firstly, well-groomed men's hands simply make a good visual impression. Those who pay attention to their nails usually also attach importance to the rest of their appearance. That's why a good hairstyle, a perfectly groomed beard, the right outfit and well-groomed hands simply belong together. We usually only know a few details about the person we are meeting for the first time, so a well-groomed appearance naturally plays a role in the first meeting. Whether it's a business lunch or a private date, many people pay attention to their hands when making a first impression.

On the other hand, health problems often show up first in changes to the hair and nails. While men rarely think about nail care, most women take it for granted that they know when their nails are in good condition and how best to care for them. It is therefore important that men also regularly incorporate manicures into their daily routine and learn to pay attention to the signs of their body. It is best to speak to your doctor if you notice any changes to your fingernails.

An improper manicure for men can lead to redness and inflammation. If the cuticle is torn off or clipped too deeply, for example, bacteria can easily penetrate the nail bed and cause serious inflammation. It is therefore best to start your men's manicure at a salon and get detailed advice there.

Usually only women pay attention to fingernails and cuticles, but men in particular often have health and visual problems with calluses or ridges on their fingernails. Splintering and brittle nail ends are a nuisance in everyday life and are unpleasantly noticeable at first glance. However, many men are simply not familiar with healthy nail care. A well-groomed beard and well-groomed hands are inseparable. If you want help, you often shy away from going to a nail salon due to the lack of services. Studios can exploit this potential for a new target group and also offer a classic manicure for men.

How nail care for men differs from regular nail care for women

We have compiled an overview of how men differ from women when it comes to nail care:

  • Men's nail plate is usually thicker and more stable.
  • Men's cuticles are often more stressed and therefore more pronounced.
  • The stable nail plate of men breaks off less frequently and therefore needs to be shortened more often.
  • Men often have rough hands and require richer skin care.
  • No greasy care products or strong fragrances should be used for men's manicures, as this is often perceived as unpleasant.
  • Men appreciate a quick treatment without an appointment.
  • Men's manicures usually aim for short nails. The upper end of the nail does not protrude beyond the finger, but is filed down beforehand. Luckily, however, anything you like is now allowed, and men are also free to apply nail hardener in soft pink or choose a clear polish for shine and a healthy look.

Tips for the right manicure for men

  1. A good file, nail care oil or tools such as a groove filler can be sensible and useful utensils.
  2. Instead of nail scissors, it is better to use nail clippers. They are ideal for shaping sturdy nails during a manicure for men. However, the nail should not be cut completely short, otherwise you could easily injure the nail bed.
  3. The edges and corners are then straightened with a professional nail file.
  4. Cuticle remover and cuticle nippers are particularly recommended for stubborn cuticle or callus growth next to the fingernails. However, nail clippers should only be used on the side of the nail if there is excessive callus.
  5. After bathing in warm water, the cuticle can be easily pushed back with a rosewood stick.
  6. To finish, the emmi®NAIL polishing file can work wonders for a healthy shine on the nail.
  7. Then apply a neutral or subtly scented hand cream.

It is also worth using professional nail tools for men's manicures at home. After all, that's what you do in the workshop. Studio owners can offer our emmi®NAIL products for sale. You have the expertise and we have the high-quality tools for successful men's nail care. This way, the customer can also look after himself properly between treatments. He might even tell his colleagues about the positive experience.

Important for men's nail care: what can be done about brittle fingernails and excessive cuticles?

Brittle and thin fingernails can sometimes have health-related causes and are difficult to remedy during a manicure for men. Nevertheless, the customer can be given clues to follow up on: For example, glassy and almost translucent fingernails can indicate diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. Light-colored, whitish spots usually indicate calcium deficiency. Brittle nails indicate a lack of iron and magnesium in the body. Of course, unfavorable environmental influences such as cleaning agents or chemicals also contribute to problems with the fingernails.

Excessive cuticle growth is usually related to the wrong manicure for men. It is often a reaction to the skin on the nail bed being cut too much. It should only be soaked in warm water, for example when showering. It can then be easily pushed back with a rosewood stick. If you don't know what to do, then it's usually best to see a professional.

A balanced diet helps against brittle fingernails. You should also wear gloves whenever your hands come into frequent contact with water or aggressive cleaning agents. This may take some getting used to at first, but it ensures that the cuticles grow less and the nails become less brittle. Healthy nails need rich care every day. For more information on manicures for men, we recommend our guide article on "Brittle fingernails".

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Offers for men's manicures in nail salons

When it comes to nail care, men or women are often unable to handle the finer details themselves and are better off in a nail or beauty salon. There, the special male requirements and wishes should be taken into consideration. For a first impression that literally has hands and feet!

  • Short treatment: without an appointment for those who are short on time: in just 15 minutes you can trim and file your natural nails and care for your nails or apply hand cream.
  • Classic treatment: in just 20 minutes, nails can be trimmed and filed, cuticles removed and the natural nail polished. There is also time for a hand massage and hand cream
  • Men's manicure with all the trimmings: here, heavily stressed hands are completely treated and rejuvenated in 30 minutes. In addition to shortening & filing and cuticle removal, there is also a peeling or hand bath, polishing, a hand massage and a hand and forearm cream.