Open a nail salon

Whether acrylic or gel nails: the results of your nail modeling are only as good as the brushes you use to apply and spread the gels. As a leading manufacturer of beautiful color gels, emmi®NAIL also provides you with high-quality accessories for a wide variety of nail designs. Discover our nail art brushes for various applications in this category - from swirls and comb brushes to brush sets. With a nail art brush from emmi®NAIL, even the most complicated nail design is effortless. Brushes and swirls provide you with a professional result when modeling in the nail salon .

1. What requirements do I need to meet to open a nail salon?

In principle, anyone can open a nail salon, with or without training. However, we strongly recommend that you build your professional success on a solid foundation and train as a nail designer at emmi®NAIL.

In our DEKRA-certified training courses, we teach you the necessary basics and extensive application possibilities of our products in practice with great attention to detail and the highest quality standards. Our experienced trainers will give you an insight into the latest nail design techniques, the most modern products and the latest trends. Our training courses are tailored to your individual needs.

In addition to the health basics, you will also learn about product chemistry and hygiene regulations and receive important information:

- Introduction to bookkeeping
- Cost breakdown for a nail salon
- Cash book
- Advertising opportunities
- Business registration & dealing with authorities
- Funding offers
- Profit & loss accounts
- Set up a business account / process transactions
- Tips from a professional

2. How can I register my business?

In order to open your nail salon, you must register with the relevant municipality and apply for a business registration. The responsible authority will then inform

  • the tax office
  • the employers' liability insurance association
  • the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • the local court for the entry in the commercial register
  • the trade supervisory office

A business registration normally costs around €50-80. This varies depending on the federal state and the size of the business.

3. How can I make my nail salon successful?

  • Stand outfrom the competition
    Your strengths and your business idea must be immediately recognizable. If you are flexible, you could, for example, open a mobile nail salon that reaches people at home without them having to travel to a salon. Or would you like to open a nail salon for men and see this as your target group? Why not offer additional services such as artificial eyelashes or pedicures or focus on vegan nail design? You know best what suits you and what is still needed in your town or city. No matter what, different from the others is the motto.
  • Customer service is more important than ever
    Your success depends 1:1 on how you approach customers and deal with problems and complaints. Your customers need to feel welcome and comfortable in your studio and with you from the very first moment. This has to do with music, drinks, snacks or your scheduling. Ask clients what they want to hear, offer free drinks and schedule your appointments so that nobody has to wait and you can squeeze in the occasional nail emergency. Your work and your company need to be remembered by customers. Connect with them on social media, organize small events or look for individual appointment cards.
  • Where should I open my nail salon?
    One of the most important success factors for your nail salon is the location. First of all, customers need to find your studio. So look for a place where you have a lot of foot traffic. This could be a busy pedestrian zone or a shopping center, for example. The further away you are from your customers, the more advertising you need to spread to get noticed. And advertising is expensive. On the other hand, you can offer parking spaces in a residential area, for example, and the atmosphere is generally quieter.
  • Also take a close look at your competition:

Where are the nearest nail salons
Are there any beauty salons or hairdressers with additional services nearby?
What does my competition offer and at what price?
How long is the waiting time for an appointment?
Even go incognito to the competition for a treatment
You should also consider whether you can accommodate your studio within your own four walls in a separate area or whether you would like to rent a property. In any case, the furnishings should suit you both visually and in terms of hygiene.

  • Set yourself up so that people want to come and stay.
    A little bit of luxury and relaxation is what customers want in your nail salon. You should choose the color, decoration and furniture in your salon in such a way that they invite you to relax and match your offer and your target group. If you offer high-class work at corresponding prices, the ambience should also be of a correspondingly high quality and harmonious design. You can find the appropriate nail salon equipment such as dust extraction or work tables in our equipment category.
  • find qualified employees.
    Your employees are a crucial factor in your professional success. You will be spending a lot of time with them, so they should be a good fit for you and support your business idea. At the beginning, you won't have a big cushion in your bank account. Nevertheless, you should pay your employees fairly. If your employees are happy, they will be happy to come to work reliably and bring you great added value.

How do I keep track of my finances?

Sounds complicated at first, but the easiest way is to enter all your expenses in a spreadsheet. Opening a new business often involves high payments. You already have expenses for business equipment, work materials and advertising, but you're not earning anything. And once you've started, the turnover you make every day is only slowly increasing.

To give the bank and yourself a good overview of your income and expenditure, you can easily work with a spreadsheet. If the items become more extensive, there are also easy-to-understand programs that can help you with planning and keeping an overview. It is important that you have a complete overview of how much money you have to spend at the beginning and regularly thereafter, what costs you will incur, how much money you have at the beginning or need from the bank and what monthly income you can expect. A carefully prepared business plan is not as complicated as you might think. Go for it, it's for your success!

Redeeming your activation and placement voucher

The Emmi Academy is one of the few AZAV-accredited training providers for seminars in nail design and eyelash styling. AZAV stands for Accreditation and Approval Ordinance for Employment Promotion. This means that the Emmi Academy is authorized to accept the activation and further training voucher. Through this certification and regular, annual audits, we guarantee the same high quality of training content at all Emmi Academy locations. Every seminar leader has the qualification of the trainer aptitude test.

Steri UVC LED disinfection

The emmi®Academy

Our training courses make it easy for you to get started in the world of nail design:
All Emmi® Academy trainers impart comprehensive specialist knowledge of all application techniques in a practical and easy-to-understand manner.
All trainers attach particular importance to a personal and individual approach to each participant. Emmi®-Akademie offers training opportunities at 15 locations
in Germany.

With our DEKRA-certified training courses and attractive price-performance ratio, we offer the opportunity to successfully establish yourself as a
nail designer. Our basic courses make beginners fit for nail modeling - in our
advanced courses, existing knowledge is further expanded. Our courses expand your creative freedom and give
you the opportunity to constantly implement new ideas for your customers.

Funding opportunities
Activation and placement voucher = AVGS

Are you interested in beautiful fingernails and want to get back to work and make a fresh start? Would you like to take your life into your own hands and become self-employed? Working as a nail designer and/or eyelash stylist is the ideal way to get back into the world of work and provide your own income. Do you want to finally achieve your goals? The Emmi Academy offers you the opportunity to successfully go your own way by accepting funding.

How do you get an AVGS activation or placement voucher?

Prepare for an interview with your case worker at the job center or employment agency and present your desire for professional reorientation. The profession of nail designer or eyelash stylist has future-oriented prospects either for employment or as a path to self-employment. 5 coordinated seminars are eligible for funding and give every participant the
opportunity to make a successful start as a nail designer and/or eyelash stylist.

  • Start Up Comfort
  • Acrylic/gel dual system
  • Acrylic basic seminar
  • Ready For Business Seminar
  • Eyelash extension 1:1 technique

The AVGS is a discretionary benefit, whereby the employees of the employment agency or job center decide on an individual basis. There is no legal entitlement. Our tip: The more convincingly you present your personal prospects in the field of nail design and eyelash styling during the consultation, the greater the chance of receiving a voucher.

If you have any further questions, please contact our expert Nicole Brandt 04281-1528 directly for a detailed consultation.
She has already successfully helped many participants to set up their own business in the nail industry. You will then be referred to the respective trainer at your location.