Electric Nail Files & Drills

Filing with a nail file takes a lot of time and effort. You can remove gel or acrylic modeling much better with an electric cutter.
There are two important technical specifications when buying a nail cutter:

What do I need to consider when buying a nail cutter?

The speed of a nail cutter indicates the maximum number of revolutions per minute. The cutter attachment rotates at this speed. The faster the cutter rotates, the faster the remaining modeling or cuticle is removed.
However, the motor must also be very sturdy for a high speed. This is why the price of a cutter is always in proportion to its speed.

  • Revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Milling performance

The cutting power of a router motor indicates how much power the motor has. It is advisable to select a device with a high motor power for acrylic modeling or heavy calluses on the cuticle. The grinding power is usually specified in watts (W).

What can the emmi®NAIL cutters do?


  • 5.000 - 20,000 revolutions
  • Right/left rotation
  • Ideal for removing gel and shellac
  • Space-saving


  • 20.000 revolutions
  • Right/left rotation
  • for removing gel or acrylic modeling
  • very low-vibration handpiece made of aluminum


  • 25.000 revolutions
  • Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation
  • for removing gel or acrylic modeling
  • for manicure & pedicure


  • 35.000 revolutions
  • Right/left rotation
  • Ideal for removing gel and acrylic
  • Incl. 2 cutter bits (for gel & cuticle removal)


  • 30.000 revolutions
  • Right/left rotation
  • Ideal for removing gel and acrylic
  • Incl. holder for table and belt


  • 30.000 revolutions
  • Right/left rotation
  • Ideal for removing gel and acrylic
  • Incl. 6 cutter bits

A quick-release system makes it easier for you to change the bit attachments during treatment.
The left and right-handed rotation allows both right and left-handed users to work easily and without straining their backs.
You can use a foot pedal to make your work even easier. This allows you to take care of filing and adjust the power of the router at the same time.

For mobile working, emmi®NAIL also offers you a battery-powered milling cutter without an annoying power cable. The professional black cordless router is extremely lightweight. Thanks to the included lithium-ion battery, it can be used for mobile work both in the supplied hip holder and on your nail table in the studio. You will also be impressed by thelow-vibration and very quiet running handpiece.

The Emmi Quick III PLUS cutter offers the option of connecting a foot pedal with speed control. The high-performance electric nail files from emmi®NAIL are suitable for manicures and pedicures and are popular with professionals and beginners alike. The higher the number of revolutions, the better the guarantee that even stubborn nail designs can be worked on without much effort.

Bit attachments - Which bit is the right one?

The first thing to consider when choosing the right bit attachment is the area of application. Do I want to remove the old modeling, remove the excess cuticle or polish the nails? Bits are also available in different materials that affect the application.

Diamond bits are coated with a thin layer of diamond and are best suited for working on natural nails . Excess callus can be removed particularly well in this way. However, a great deal of sensitivity is required here as diamond bits work very effectively and quickly. They are also used to roughen the natural nail before nail modeling and, of course, for working on artificial nails.

Carbide bits with cross-cut teeth are among the classic attachments. They are used exclusively for working on the model ing as the natural nail could otherwise be damaged.

They can be used to shorten the modeled nail, file the tip transition, remove modeling or work on the underside of the nail. They have a high removal force; there are differences in the metal alloy, coating and toothing. As a rule, these bits are identified by different colors or color rings.

The teeth usually become finer and finer towards the tip. This makes it easier to work with the bit and the thin side can also be used at low speed. To prevent the bit from sticking to the application and damaging the natural nail, you should work at a speed of at least 20,000 rpm.

Carbide bits in cylindrical form with cross-cut teeth are particularly suitable for removing old modeling. They can also be used at lower speeds. They are therefore particularly suitable for beginners. The edges of the bits are often chamfered, which prevents injuries at the edges if you get too close to the nail edge.

Titanium-coated bits are characterized by very high resilience and durability. The rounded tip ensures safe working on artificial nails. The cutter is ideal for professional use for removing gel and acrylic fillings with high efficiency. It is also popular for working on calluses. Can be used wet and dry. It is characterized by its very high wear resistance and excellent heat dissipation. It is also very pleasant for the customer to use.

Ceramic cutter bits are very durable attachments and retain their sharpness for a very long time. They have a good stock removal rate and generate very little heat during filing. Ceramic bits can withstand higher temperatures during grinding than metal bits and therefore remain sharp even after prolonged use. They can be chemically disinfected but cannot be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Sandingbelts made of sandpaper can be used for processing natural and artificial nails. A mandrel bit is used for sanding belts. The sanding sleeves are attached to it and can be disposed of after use. Emmi-Nail sanding belts are available in "fine", "medium" and "coarse". Particular attention must be paid to the speed of the abrasive sleeves as they can generate more heat.

The manicure disc is ideal for manicures and pedicures. You can use the attachment to shorten artificial nails and even remove calluses. The interchangeable blades in different grit sizes also make the Emmi®-Nail Manicure Disc very flexible to use.

Cutters from emmi®NAIL

Cutters are indispensable tools for working in the nail salon. Whether you need to remove calluses and calluses, shape natural and artificial nails or create the perfect manicure - various attachments make the cutter a versatile tool.

Video instructions Manicure Disk

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Professional disinfection

It is particularly important to disinfect or kill germs and remove dirt that has collected on the bits.

The first step is to tackle the coarse dirt with the cleaning brush for cutter bits.

An ultrasonic cleaning device with the appropriate concentrate is suitable for disinfection. It also removes stubborn dirt and disinfects the attachments for hygienic cleaning before the next customer.