Brush - for gel nails and acrylic nails

Whether acrylic or gel nails: the results of your nail modeling are only as good as the brushes you use to apply and spread the gels. As a leading manufacturer of beautiful color gels, emmi®NAIL also provides you with high-quality accessories for a wide variety of nail designs. Discover our nail art brushes for various applications in this category - from swirls and comb brushes to brush sets. With a nail art brush from emmi®NAIL, even the most complicated nail design is effortless. Brushes and swirls provide you with a professional result both when modeling at home and in the nail studio.

What brush size do I need?

Brush size for gel nails

  • Size1 The base gel brush has extra short bristles to ensure that the base coat can be optimally massaged into the nail.
  • Size2 The special thin gel brush with pointed cat tongue is suitable for fine corners and difficult areas such as toenails.
  • Size4 The classic gel brush. No nail drawer should be without it.
    At emmi®NAIL you will find the standard brush in
  • "French" beveled for elegant French nails
  • "Cat's tongue " sharpened to reach the nail fold easily
  • "Ergonomic " with straight bristles and extra soft handle that sits comfortably in the hand
  • "Straight" standard brush for gel modeling
  • Size 6 The nail brush is particularly suitable for large-area modeling such as stiletto nails. It is available in straight, angled and pointed.

Brush size for acrylic nails

  • Size6 Even the smallest acrylic brush has a perfect drop tip to mix the right amount of liquid with the acrylic powder.
  • Size8 For experienced nail designers, the brush can also be slightly wider. It then picks up more acrylic. This allows you to sculpt the nails faster because you have more material on the brush.
  • Size12 The same applies to the following sizes.
  • Size 14
  • Size 16
  • Size 18

Brush size for nail art

  • Size000 Fineliner brush with 5mm long bristles
  • Size00 Fineliner brush with 7mm long bristles
  • Size0 Fineliner brush with 9mm long bristles
  • Size01 Fineliner brush with 11mm long bristles
  • Nail art brush 9mm
  • Nail art brush 15mm
  • Nail art brush 20mm
  • Size 1 for delicate dots and fine lines
    One-Stroke is suitable for the technique of the same name. The one-stroke technique involves painting with several acrylic colors at the same time. The brush is dipped into different colors on the left and right and then flowers and ornaments are painted with one brush stroke.

Fineliner brushes or nail art brushes with long bristles are best suited for filigree nail painting. The so-called drag brushes can be drawn gently over the nail with a lot or a little paint and leave the finest lines.

The brush always takes center stage in nail design because it is the most important tool in the nail salon. You should also make sure that the brush itself looks clean and tidy. At emmi®NAIL, we also attach great importance to the design of the brushes. Our brushes with rhinestones and small decorations reflect the quality of your nail salon. Old brushes with chipped paint on the handle are best replaced with new ones. You should also always make sure that the nail tools can be cleaned and disinfected easily.

Emmi®NAIL also offers a wide range of nail art brushes. For nail art decorations, it is better to use a thin and soft brush in a small brush size. The smaller the brush size, the thinner the brush. Of course, we always have the right brush for the comb technique or the ombre look in our online store.

A swirl or dotting tool is used for creative nail art in which you artistically place rhinestones on the fingernails. With the spot swirl, the glitter look is now almost effortless. Thanks to the swirl, the rhinestones can be applied to the nail with extreme precision . But the swirl is also a helper when creating a magical mosaic-style nail design that you won't want to do without. Also try the spot swirl for imaginative painting structures or the marbling technique.

An attachable lid protects the bristles from UV radiation and filing dust. With the matching storage, you always have an overview and the practical brush holder protects the work surface from gel residue.

Tip: Before using the brush for the first time, you should clean the brush hair thoroughly. Synthetic hair brushes are not washed, but simply wiped thoroughly with a tissue and cleaner.

How to find the perfect brush for gel nail modeling

The gel build-up brush is the most important nail tool for nail modeling at home and in the nail salon. That's why you should inform yourself well before buying one. In the emmi®NAIL online store you will find a large selection of professional gel brushes. So that you don't lose track, we have put together the most important points for buying good gel nail brushes.

The biggest difference between brushes is the material used for the brush hair: synthetic hair or human hair. Brushes made from human hair retain moisture better and are more resistant to chemicals. We therefore recommend human hair brushes for acrylic nails.

For gel nails, synthetic hair brushes are differentiated according to length, width and brush shape. For thicker build-up gels, wider size 6 brushes are preferred. For thinner gels, the narrower size 4 brush is better. For work close to the edge of the nail, the cat's tongue shape is preferred.

Which brush should I use for baby boomers?

Baby boomers are nails with a particularly sleek look. Typical features are the flowing gradient from the nail tip to the nail bed and a rosy to milky color. Unlike French nails, the white nail tip is designed as a color gradient. Baby boomer nails therefore have no hard contours and count as a special form of the ombré look. The white tip blends gently into pink.

The nail design owes its name to the generation from which it originates. The post-war years between 1946 and 1960 saw a very high birth rate, which is why they are known as the baby boomers. And it was this generation that made this type of nail design a trend. Today, the timeless look is very popular with all generations.

The comb brush makes it easy to achieve the trendy baby boomer look. The gel brush is a very fine and high-quality synthetic hair brush. It is ideal for modeling artificial nails with all UV and LED gels. The flat and narrow tip is particularly popular and is suitable for all areas of nail modeling. The brush is also acetone-protected and sits comfortably in the hand thanks to the wooden handle and the silver
ferrule, making it pleasant to work with. Try it for the ombré look too.

How do you clean brushes?

Gently clean and disinfect all your brushes in just a few seconds with emmi®NAIL brush cleaner. The cleaner is very thorough and yet gentle on the brush bristles. The brushes are effortlessly cleaned of acrylic residues and other product residues while retaining their bristle substance. The cleaner can be used for real and synthetic hair brushes.


Simply drizzle a few drops of brush cleaner onto a cellulose w ipe and drag the brush over the cellulose.

Video tutorial marble nails

Hygiene in the nail salon

It is particularly important to disinfect or kill germs and remove dirt that has collected on the nail tool.

The first step is to tackle the coarse dirt with the emmi®NAIL cleaning brush, for example for cutter bits.

An ultrasonic cleaning device with the appropriate concentrate is suitable for disinfection. It also removes stubborn dirt and disinfects the attachments for hygienic cleaning before the next customer. The only exception to this cleaning process are abrasive sleeves. These are usually disposed of after use and are therefore also offered in larger quantities.