Emmi-Nail Premium Cells 325s

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Emmi-Nail Premium Cells 325s
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sofort lieferbar
lint-free & tear-resistant
Cellulose pads
Individually removable
90% less lint than standard cellulose pads
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Premium cell wipes for gel nails - lint-free cellulose pads

The highly absorbent and lint-free cellulose pads are ideal for removing the sweat layer during nail modeling. They are also ideal for cleaning and disinfecting nails and for removing nail polish. The elegant box contains 325 cell wipes, which you can remove individually. They are larger and lint up to 90% less than standard wipes. They are an absolute "must-have" for every Nail design. Emmi-Nail Cellets should not be missing on any nail table.

325 cellulose pads
Lint-free & tear-resistant
Individually removable
Larger than standard cell wipes
S ize of the cell wipes: 3.9 x 5.9 cm

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