BIAB Nails

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) nails are a type of nail enhancement technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of nail care and modeling. BIAB nails combine the benefits of gel nails and acrylic nails to create natural looking yet sturdy nails.

What is BIAB? - BIAB is a nail strengthening system that uses a flexible builder gel to strengthen and build up the nails. It is often referred to as 'gel extension' or 'gel overlay'.

  • Application - The BIAB application begins similarly to other nail systems by cleaning and preparing the nails. Then a special builder gel is applied to the natural nails in several thin layers, with each layer being cured. This process may require several layers to achieve the desired strength and shape.
  • Natural look - BIAB nails are known for their natural look. They provide gentle extension and a smooth, flawless finish that feels similar to natural nails.
  • Strength and flexibility - The builder gel in BIAB nails is both strong and flexible. This means that the nails are strong but still have some flexibility to prevent breakage.
  • Durability - BIAB nails are generally long-lasting and can last several weeks without flaking or splitting.
  • Natural care - BIAB nails can be easily re-filed and repainted as they grow back.
  • Removal - Removing BIAB nails is quick and easy with the liquid remover and a rosewood stick.

What are BIAB nails with rubber base?

The light-curing gel from the bottle is very flexible ("rubber") and reinforces the natural nail. The nail is slightly roughened and then coated with the transparent or slightly colored gel. After hardening, the UV polish holds without splitting. It can therefore also be used during nail biting to give nails a fresh and well-groomed appearance again. Thanks to the light tint, the Rubber Base polish covers small blemishes and spots on the nail and acts like a make-up for the nails. And the best thing about it: it can be easily removed with the remover pads, without the need for a nail cutter.

As the name suggests, emmi®NAIL Rubber Base Gel can also be used as a base gel under a Shellac manicure. The second layer of polish gives the nail more stability so that the UV nail polish manicure also lasts optimally on longer nails. The gel in the bottle is slightly thick and can be optimally applied with the brush in the bottle. Our nail salons also like to use it for refills. When refilling, the gap between the nail bed and the lower edge of the gel manicure is filled and aligned with the rest of the nail.

Our rubber base gels are available in many different shades. This ensures that you have the right shade for every customer. Depending on the skin color, the UV lacquer can then be perfectly matched to achieve a tinting effect that is as close to natural as possible. For an extra dose of shine, simply seal the manicure with the UV base/top coat. And if you want something even more stable, use our BIAB Fiber Gel Edition:

Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Clear 14ml
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14,90 €
Incl. 19% VAT
Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Milky Pink 14ml
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14,90 €
Incl. 19% VAT
Emmi-Nail Fiber Gel Edition Baby Pink 14ml
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14,90 €
Incl. 19% VAT

What is so special about BIAB nails?

Rubber base nails look neat and elegant. They are also very easy to remove during a manicure at home. Rubber base nails are reinforced yet flexible. The natural nail underneath can grow back in peace, especially with nail bites. The gel from the bottle feels very light and natural on the finger and is suitable for anyone who wants beautiful and well-groomed nails. Even those who are not the type for flashy nails will love their Rubber Base manicure.

What is BIAB used for?

  • Gel for strengthening natural nails
  • Base and build-up gel for a more stable UV polish manicure
  • Gel to cover imperfections (cover gel)
  • Gel for French or baby boomer
  • Priming and build-up gel for a quick refill

How are BIAB nails done?

  1. Prepare the natural nail and apply a buffer
  2. Apply our Emmi-Nail Prep&Prime and allow to air dry briefly.
  3. Apply Emmi-Nail Rubber Base like nail polish and cure (120 sec. UV and LED)
  4. For an extension or reinforcement, apply the Rubber Base again and cure again. It is better to apply thinly and in two coats than one coat too thick
  5. Apply and cure an Emmi-Nail UV polish as desired
  6. Seal with Emmi-Nail UV polish base/top coat
  7. After curing, remove the inhibition layer with the High-Gloss Cleaner as required

Nail art for a natural manicure

Natural nails actually manage completely without nail art and embellishments and stand on their own. If you still want to treat yourself to a highlight or two, you can add a small rhinestone to a nail, for example. A mini stamp motif or a small tattoo can also turn the classic natural nail enhancement into a pretty nail design.

Video tutorial Rubber Base Gel

What to do with brittle fingernails?

Unfortunately, not everyone is naturally blessed with beautiful and strong nails. Particularly in women, changing hormone levels often lead to soft or cracked nails. The right diet and good nail care can help against brittle nails. After all, a stable nail can only grow from a healthy nail bed. If you would like to know more about this topic, it is best to read our guide "Brittle fingernails".