Dust extraction: Devices and differences

Filing with a nail file or nail cutter creates a lot of filing dust in the air. It settles on all pieces of furniture and also covers the nail tools and jars on the nail table. This is not only annoying, but also unhygienic. What's more, the fine filing dust gets into the lungs even when wearing a mask and can cause health problems. That's why a dust extractor is simply part of the basic equipment in a good nail salon.

What do I need to consider when buying a dust extraction system?

There are two important technical performance data when purchasing an extraction system for the nail salon:

The air flow rate of an extraction system indicates how much air flows through the extraction system in a given time. The air volume flow is specified in m3/h. It therefore indicates how much volume of room air is filtered per hour.

The higher the value, the more room air the dust extraction system can clean.

To ensure that the appliance works perfectly, it is important to change the filter regularly. You can of course order suitable replacement filters directly from us.

The sound level in the user position indicates the volume in db, i.e. in decibels, that the nail designer perceives when milling. A value is usually given here for the average power of the device and for the highest level.

A high-quality device such as the Taifun 2 Premium is also characterized by the fact that it is only slightly louder than the Taifun Mini Green Tech at almost double the air volume flow.

In principle, a value of 80 db should not be exceeded in the workplace, but the quieter the better. With a low-noise extraction system, the customer naturally feels more comfortable and can have a better conversation.

What are the differences between dust extraction systems?

Dust extractors differ in their performance in terms of the specified watts. However, the so-called air flow rate, i.e. how much air is filtered in an hour, is also important. When buying, you should also pay attention to how loud the vacuum cleaner makes when it is in operation. In a nail salon, the device runs several hours a day and it is of course important to buy a device that works as quietly as possible.

With the Promed 4030-SX2 nail cutter, you get a cutter with dust extraction and a powerful motor. The all-in-one device for professional requirements in the nail salon can be continuously controlled up to 30,000 revolutions per minute. This ensures that even stubborn nail models can be worked on with little effort. The membrane keypad with digital display can be cleaned hygienically. The clockwise/anticlockwise rotation and the memory buttons for individual speeds ensure comfortable working. An indicator for changing the filter bag and a temperature-related switch-off provide additional safety. The combi nail cutter is very quiet despite the powerful, infinitely adjustable suction power. And so that the flexible suction hose does not get in the way, there is an additional suspension. The filter bags are easy to change and tear-resistant.


Using the Zephyros dust extraction system guarantees dust-free working in your nail salon and during nail modeling. Thanks to the extraction system, even the finest dust particles end up in the fine dust filter and not on the nail table or in the air. The disposable filter can be changed quickly and easily.


  • simple operation
  • ergonomic design
  • quick and uncomplicated disposable filter change
  • infinitely variable suction power regulation
  • Material: aluminum

Technical details:

  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 18.9 x 10 cm
  • Power supply: 24 V 2.5 A
  • Output: 48 W
  • Protection class: IP 20

Emmi®-Power G5 - powerful and affordable

The dust extractor can be easily switched on using the power button and always ensures pleasant air and hygienic conditions. The appliance is TÜV-certified and combines high-quality workmanship with high performance. The white surface is easy to clean and can be cleaned with standard disinfectants.


  • removable filter
  • convenient handling
  • ergonomic design
  • suitable for mobile activities
  • for an ergonomic posture
  • Posture
  • easy to clean

Technical details:

  • Dimensions: 215 x 213 x 110 mm
  • Power supply: DC 24 V 0.37 A
  • Power input: 230V 50Hz
  • Output: max. 10W
  • Protection class: IP 20

At emmi®NAIL you will find models for direct installation in the work table or our Emmi-Power stand-alone unit. It can easily be taken to nail appointments outside the studio and ensures good suction despite its compact shape. Even if you strengthen your nails at home with gel or acrylic, you won't want to be without this little helper. Switch to cleaner air now and treat yourself and your customers to a professional dust extractor from emmi®NAIL.

Replacement filter for G5 dust extraction system

The fine dust filter of the dust extraction system must be replaced regularly to ensure consistent performance. The filter ensures that the air is thoroughly cleaned of nail dust. Thanks to the extraction system, even the finest dust particles end up in the fine dust filter and not on the nail table or in the air. This guarantees dust-free professional work. We recommend changing the fine dust filter at regular intervals. This ensures constant extraction performance.

Professional work

Regardless of whether you work with gel or acrylic, a dust extraction system belongs in every nail salon. If a studio does not use a dust extraction system, this does not indicate a high standard of quality.

Filing dust is generated in the nail salon during many work steps. From removing cuticles with a nail cutter to buffing the natural nail with a buffer and removing the old modeling, annoying and unhealthy fine dust is constantly generated.

When choosing a suitable dust extraction system, think about the health of your customers as well as your own.

Milling seminar and filing technique

The router seminar will teach you how to use the router correctly. This includes how to care for the device, how to handle it and which router attachment to use, how and when. It is advantageous to come to this seminar with a model so that you can practise the instructions shown.

The filing technique seminar teaches the correct handling and various techniques with files.

KVO/HVO-compliant training

- Interesting facts about milling cutters
- Handling with fixed station & handpiece
- Care and maintenance of a milling cutter
- Presentation of the required bits and their area of application
- HVO care, cleaning & disinfection of bits Disinfection of the bits
- What can be processed with a milling cutter
- Demonstration of practical handling on the model
- Practical work with the milling cutter
- Question and answer
- Manual refill treatment
- When is which grit required
- Symmetrical design of all nails
- Individual filing directions
- How to hold the file where
- Different filing techniques