Nail reinforcement

Do you also want well-groomed fingernails with durable nail polish, but either have a soft and sensitive nail by nature or your fingernail has been damaged by the removal of gel nails? Then it's time for a subtle enhancement that is easy to apply. Your nails will look natural with natural nail strengthening and will finally no longer be brittle and thin in a short time.

What is natural nail strengthening?

Natural nail enhancement is a special manicure method. It is often used to make a particularly brittle and soft fingernail more stable. To make natural nail strengthening look natural, your own nails are only covered with a thin layer of a special gel that has to harden under a UV lamp. It is ideal for strengthening torn and damaged nails so that they still look like natural nails. Your nails can remain in their usual shape and grow back to the desired length.

Natural nail strengthening - Which gel is right for me?

The nail design products from emmi®NAIL offer everyone the opportunity to achieve beautiful nails just like those from the nail salon by enhancing natural nails with gel. Everyone has their own taste and the desired shape of the nails is just as different. If you want to strengthen your natural nails with gel, there are several options for which material to use.

  • Do you like it fancy and extravagant and are completely addicted to our enchanting nail products? Then we recommend our stable and flexible acrylic gels. Thanks to their special composition, they are particularly suitable for nails in unusual shapes and lengths such as stiletto nails.
  • Forheavily used nails that are extended with either a tip or stencil, our brilliant color gel offers plenty of room for sparkling nail design. With Shellac UV polish, you can redesign your look again and again in no time at all. You will find a large selection of high-quality studio products in our gel series category as a basis.

Reinforce natural nails with gel

For thin and brittle nails, you can apply gel to the natural nail. If you are using gel to strengthen natural nails for the first time, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the material and its chemical properties. Light-curing gel consists of so-called monomers and acrylates. Monomers are small molecules that join together to form long chains when exposed to a trigger such as an LED lamp. This usually results in a slight build-up of heat and a sticky layer, the so-called inhibition layer. The products for natural nail enhancement with gel are composed in the same way as dental fillings. They are harmless to health. If you want to strengthen natural nails with gel, you should ensure that it is applied correctly:

  1. Prepare the natural nail and coat with a buffer.
  2. For problem nails: Apply Emmi-Nail Prep&Prime and allow to air dry briefly and also apply our Emmi-Nail Base Coat S2
  3. Apply Emmi-Nail Rubber Base like nail polish and cure (120 sec. under UV/LED or 120 sec. UV light)
  4. For an extension or reinforcement, apply the Rubber Base again and cure again.
  5. Do not apply the gel too thickly, rather work in 2 or more coats and allow it to harden in between.
  6. Now apply an Emmi-Nail UV polish or quickie as desired and allow it to harden.
  7. The Emmi-Nail UV/LED lacquer base/top coat is used as a sealant. (no sealant is required for the Quickies as these varnishes cure without an inhibition layer)
  8. After curing, remove the inhibition layer with the High-Gloss Cleaner.

How long does a nail enhancement last?

The product determines how long a natural nail enhancement with gel lasts. UV nail polishes last up to three weeks and can be removed with remover.

Conventional gel nails can be refilled after two to three weeks and in principle reinforce the nail indefinitely until the gel is filed off. As the Nature series is a UV gel, it cannot simply be removed with a liquid. However, the reinforcement looks so natural that you can simply let it grow out as required.

Video tutorial Rubber Base Gel

Our range of natural nail gels

Our new emmi®NAIL Nature gels in the practical brush bottle are perfect for making natural nail enhancements look natural. Thanks to their simple, quick and clean application, they make everyday studio work easier and can also be used at home. You have a brush at hand for each gel, which is protected from dirt, dust and UV radiation in the bottle.