Brittle fingernails

Healthy and well-groomed nails are always an eye-catcher. Everyone wants healthy and perfectly shaped nails with a breathtaking shine. People like to hide brittle fingernails because many people's first impression is of their hands. However, most of us have to do something about it. Even natural nails need optimum care. Splitting of the nail (onychoschisis), where the fingernail splinters off in layers, and breakage of the nail along its length (onychorrhexis) can have various causes.

What are the causes of brittle nails?

External influences

There are many different reasons for brittle fingernails. The most common cause is the use of aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals. Washing up softens the fingernails and the detergent removes grease from the nail. Frequent hand washing and disinfection also dry out the nail and make it susceptible to breakage.

Another cause of brittle nails is the change in weather from dry, warm weather to cold winter air. Our toenails and fingernails are always supplied with the same amount of moisture. In winter, the nails dry out due to the warm air indoors and the cold air outside and become cracked and brittle. Cracked nails in turn lose even more moisture and break.

Lack of nutrients

Another reason for brittle fingernails and brittle hair can be a lack of nutrients. Healthy and strong nails require a variety of minerals and trace elements such as iron, zinc and calcium. An iron deficiency in particular can cause ridges and white spots on the nails. We have put together an overview of the most important nutrients:

  • Water - At least 1.5 to 2 liters a day of still water, mineral water and herbal and fruit teas.
  • Zinc & vitamin C - ensures good wound healing and sufficient collagen formation. Zinc is mainly found in meat, cheese and milk. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen. Excellent sources of vitamin C are peppers, parsley, sea buckthorn, cabbage, potatoes, spinach and citrus fruits.
  • Biotin & selenium - Biotin helps to produce the basic substance for skin, hair and nails, keratin. It is found in eggs, oatmeal, nuts, soybeans, wheat germ and mushrooms. Nuts and mushrooms, meat and fish also contain selenium, which protects cells from oxidative stress.
  • Vitamin B 2 (riboflavin) - Riboflavin is a so-called "growth vitamin". Meat, dairy products and wholegrains are good sources of B vitamins.

Inferior gel and acrylic nails

Unprofessional modeling can damage the horny layer of the fingernail and the nail bed and cause brittle nails. An inexperienced nail designer can cause cavities to form between the artificial and natural nail, in which fungi and bacteria can settle. It is essential to use high-quality tools such as nippers, clippers and scissors during the manicure to avoid fine cracks in the nail.

Other diseases

Soft fingernails and brittle fingernails can also have their origin in various other diseases. Psoriasis or a nail fungus weaken the natural nail and make it brittle. An overactive or underactive thyroid gland and the use of certain medications also make the nails soft and therefore susceptible to cracks and splitting.

What helps against brittle (finger) nails

Gloves for cleaning

If you come into frequent contact with chemicals at home or at work, it is best to use a combination of two different gloves. The cotton glove ensures good ventilation of the nails. The waterproof rubber glove on top keeps water and cleaning agents out. It is best to order the second glove one size larger so that it is not too tight for the fingers. However, if your hands have been in contact with water for too long, a moisturizing hand cream will help against brittle fingernails.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet lays the foundation for healthy nail growth and helps to prevent brittle fingernails. You don't need a special diet plan to ensure you have a sufficient supply of the basic building blocks water, zinc & vitamin C, biotin & selenium, vitamin B 2 (riboflavin) and iron. For healthy nails, simply eat fruit and vegetables, nuts and eggs as well as fish, meat and dairy products on a regular basis.

Regular hand and nail care

Regular care with high-quality nail products is very important for strong and healthy nails. We cannot always prevent external influences or a lack of nutrients from promoting brittle fingernails. That's why you should use high-quality tools for your manicure to avoid putting your nails under additional stress.

With their special formula, emmi®NAIL care products ensure that the active ingredients can penetrate the nail and coat it with a protective layer to prevent it from becoming brittle. Our rich hand care is of course part of regular care against brittle fingernails.

The emmi®NAIL VCB bomb gives natural nails a vitamin boost. The vitamins F, C, vitamin A (retinol), H (biotin) and calcium it contains moisturize and strengthen brittle fingernails. The nail polish also provides additional elasticity, protects against damage and supports the growth of healthy nails.

If you already have brittle fingernails, the emmi®NAIL nail hardener deluxe polish with a natural shine effect will help. As a nail polish, it strengthens and seals soft, brittle fingernails and protects against chipping. The new, innovative formula gives soft nails more strength and makes them more resistant to external influences.

The air-drying 6-in-1 polish from emmi®NAIL based on nail polish is of course a must for any manicure for brittle nails. The groove filler ensures an even base and strengthens the nail. The top coat protects the color and modeling, provides a long-lasting high gloss and allows the nail polish to dry quickly.

We have packed the right nail care for beautiful nails for you in our practical "Brittle nails" set. It contains the vitamin kick, the nail hardener and the 6-in-1 polish. Treat your nails to something special and order nail care for brittle nails quickly, conveniently and on account in our Trusted Shop certified online store from Emmi®-Nail.