Emmi-Nail Cleaner 100ml

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Emmi-Nail Cleaner 100ml
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Top quality from Germany
Disinfects and degreases
Removes perspiration layer
For cleaning nail instruments
Contents: 100ml
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Nail cleaner 100ml for nail salon and at home


The Emmi®-Nail Cleaner 100ml cleans and degreases the natural nail gel. Nail Cleaner is a special cleaning liquid and therefore an important component in nail modeling. It has a disinfecting effect and is used to clean and degrease the natural nail before modeling. It also removes the inhibition layer (sweating layer) and filing dust from the nail during curing. The cleaner is also ideal for the daily cleaning and disinfection of work materials and your Lichthärtungsgerätes suitable.


 Top-Qualität from Germany
 disinfecting and degreasing
< removes perspiration layer
 for cleaning nail instruments
 Content: 100ml


In order to achieve optimum shine, it is particularly important to clean each fingernail with a new cell and fresh cleaner. For long-lasting glossy nails, use our Emmi-Nail High Gloss Cleaner.

Composition: Isopropyl alcohol, iso-propane, sec-propanol

Also available in the 500ml, 1000ml  and in the 250ml pump spray bottle. The 5L canister can be ordered at 06105-406780 or at [email protected].

CPNP reference: 1359781

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Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
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