Set up a nail salon

Set up a nail salon: Impress your customers with the furnishings

Let the furnishings speak for your skill and your imaginative ideas! If you want to fulfill your dream of opening your own nail salon, you'll have a lot of work to do beforehand. Even before you pick up a file or brush for the first time and create exciting designs on your nails, your skills can be clearly demonstrated. Because even when you are setting up your nail studio, you can let your imagination run wild. Because beauty is the focus of attention in nail design and cosmetics in general, the studio interior is a key showcase for your work, impressively demonstrating your sense of aesthetics and beauty. In addition to the look, hygiene and professional equipment in the studio should not be neglected. In this article, you can find out what you need to consider when setting up a nail salon and what options are available to you.

First impressions count: Why it's so important how you set up your nail salon

When setting up your nail salon, you should always bear one thing in mind: this is a place where you transform fingernails into small works of art. Thoughtlessly thrown-together furniture and lovelessly designed rooms are absolutely out of place in the beauty industry. Or would you have your nails done in poorly furnished rooms and then rely on an attractive and satisfactory result?

The interior of the nail salon gives your customers a first impression of how you work. What could impress new customers and walk-in customers better than visually appealing rooms that make it clear to them: A professional was at work here? After all, the studio interior represents your company and determines how others perceive you. Professionalism is therefore not only required for manicures and nail art, but starts with the studio's appearance. Not forgetting that the atmosphere that your nail salon radiates to the outside world also depends on this. A beautiful interior signals professional work and ensures that your customers feel comfortable and are happy to come back. When they visit your studio, your customers treat themselves to a touch of luxury and want to switch off - an interior that pampers all the senses ensures moments of well-being and relaxation. In this way, the design contributes not least to customer loyalty, which can help you get off to a successful start in self-employment.

Attractive, hygienic and professional: this is what matters when it comes to furnishings

First of all, the interior design depends on the premises in which you are setting up your nail salon. Is there enough space for a waiting area where your customers can sit comfortably until it's their turn to have their nails done, or do you need to limit your furnishings to the bare essentials?

Lighting conditions also play an important role. Bright, sunlit rooms create a friendly impression. A sophisticated lighting concept with indirect lighting can also influence the interior design in your favor.

A uniform style of furniture - from the nail table and chairs to the shelves where you store nail polish, color gels, care products and accessories - demonstrates your taste and aesthetic sensibility, which your customers rely on when designing their nails. Of course, the furnishings in the nail salon must also follow functional aspects. Not only should you have enough storage space to comfortably accommodate your work utensils and equipment, but they should also be easy to reach when needed. This creates a neat and tidy impression and makes nail design much easier for you: set up your studio so that everyone is happy - your customers and you!

The studio furnishings must also meet the hygiene requirements that apply to nail studios. This not only applies to the work utensils and equipment, but also starts with the customer toilet where your customers can wash their hands.

With photos of your work, you can demonstrate your craftsmanship and artistry in nail design. Documents and certificates from your training as a nail designer demonstrate your seriousness and build trust. Also think about a price overview when you set up your nail salon. Not only will your customers know immediately how much the manicure, gel nails or refill will cost them, but they will also see you as a reputable studio that they will be happy to visit again.

Equipment: no nail salon should be without it

Even if you implement your personal style when setting up your nail salon, there are of course furnishings that no salon should be without.

  • Furniture and accessories
    The heart of every nail salon is the nail table, where you perform manicures and other services for your customers. When selecting it, you should be guided by ergonomic criteria as well as visual criteria in order to ensure a professional workplace and make your customers' time as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The same naturally also applies to the chairs. Other furniture such as shelves or side trolleys are recommended to provide you with plenty of storage space for your equipment and work materials. Tools such as files and brushes as well as other accessories such as tips, stencils and rhinestones should be stored in such a way that you have the products quickly to hand when you need them. An organizer system is a practical helper for this. Of course, a work light that provides optimum lighting for your workstation is also part of the studio equipment. If there is enough space, a small lounge is also suitable, where you can create a waiting area for your customers or their companions and serve free refreshments.

  • Equipment and accessories
    Equipment that you absolutely need when setting up a nail salon is a light curing device and a professional cutter with various attachments for impressive results. Light curing devices are now available as UV or LED devices or as combination devices. A dust extraction system ensures a low-dust environment in your rooms, which benefits both your health and that of your customers. This also applies to the humidifier, which you can add to your equipment. These devices create a pleasant indoor climate in which your customers feel comfortable and you can concentrate better. Purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner for your facility will also pay off in the long term. It will get your equipment hygienically clean particularly quickly and thoroughly. You also save time and effort.

emmi®-nail equips professionals

When it comes to equipping your nail salon, the equipment and working materials must be of the highest quality and easy to use so that you can create nail designs to the satisfaction of your customers. When you set up your nail salon, emmi®-nail will provide you with the professional equipment you need. Be inspired by the quality, appealing look and huge selection in studio quality.