emmi®NAIL Business

Have you found a suitable trade fair date and booked your trade fair tickets? Then it's best to think about how to get to the trade fair in good time. Whether by bus, train, car or plane - it's always best to check the organizer's website to see what options are available and what suits you best. Here you will find all the necessary information on parking garages, stops and other travel options.

Are you a professional with a brush and want to start your own business as a nail designer? Then you probably already have a creative business idea. You need to set yourself apart from the other nail salons in your area so that customers will come to you. The best way to do this is through the quality of your work and your business partner emmi®NAIL. We have summarized the most important tips and formalities for your start in self-employment.

When setting up your nail salon, you should always bear one thing in mind: this is a place where you transform fingernails into small works of art. Thoughtlessly thrown together furniture and lovelessly designed rooms are absolutely out of place in the beauty industry. Or would you have your nails done in a poorly furnished space and trust in an attractive and satisfactory result in the end?

Ultrasonic cleaning, which is gentle on materials, can be used on all stainless steel or metal tools and promises
a hygienic result if used correctly. Of course, an ultrasonic bath can also be used for glasses, watches and
jewelry. In the nail salon, however, care should be taken to only clean the instruments that are needed for the customers in the salon.