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Emmi-Nail primer pen with acid 7ml

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Emmi-Nail primer pen with acid 7ml
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sofort lieferbar
with acid
for better adhesion
especiallyfor problem nails
goes perfectly with Emmi Shellac
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Acidic primer pen for artificial nails

The Emmi®-Nail primer pen with acid ensures the best adhesion of gels to natural nails. Ultrabond with acid is applied to the natural nail before the base gel. Thiscreates optimum adhesion of Gel to the natural nail. The primer prevents the natural nail from becoming greasy so that the modeling does not get any lifts. Apply the primer with the practical stick without dripping.Particularly suitable for problem nails and adhesion problems.

with acid
for better adhesion
Especiallyfor problem nails
goes perfectly with Emmi Shellac

For sensitive nails, the handyPrimer pen without acid. Our primer is also available in the Primer bottle 5ml or in the Primer bottle 14ml available.

  1. Buff the natural nail, remove the cuticle and file the nail into shape
  2. Apply a thin layer of primer and allow to air dry briefly
  3. Apply primer gel or 1-phase gel and start modeling

If the primer is applied without acid at the end of the free nail end/hairline when using UV polish, this improves adhesion for problem nails in this area. If the nail is trimmed before removing the color, the durability is not reduced.

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Size 7ml
Suitable for / for Natural nails, Liability difficulties
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