Emmi-Nail Primer bottle without acid 5ml

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Emmi-Nail Primer bottle without acid 5ml
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sofort lieferbar
for optimal adhesion
for problem nails
Gentle without acid
inthe brush bottle
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Adhesion promoter 5ml for artificial nails


The Emmi®-Nail Primer in a bottle without acid ensures optimal adhesion of the gels to the natural nail. It is applied to the natural nail and the hairline before the base gel. It creates optimal adhesion of gel to the natural nail. The primer prevents the natural nail from becoming greasy so that the modeling does not get any lifts. Use the practical brush to apply the primer without dripping.Especially suitable for problems and adhesion problems.


✔ for optimum adhesion
✔ in case of problems
✔ gently without säure
in the brush bottle


For frequent use, we recommend our Emmi-Nail Primer Bottle 14ml. The handy Primer pen is ideal for on the go. The primer crystallizes in the cold season. Leave it at room temperature for about 2 hours until it is liquid again. Otherwise, the brush may become damaged



  1. Buff the natural nail, remove the cuticle and file the nail into shape
  2. Apply primer thinly and allow to air dry briefly
  3. Apply the base gel or 1-phase gel and start sculpting


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Size 5ml
Opacity Clear / Colored
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails, Liability difficulties, Problem nails
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