*NEW'* Refine buffer file 120/120

Emmi-Nail Refine Buffer file pink 120/120
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Starter set UV gel wraps nail foils
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New nail file for natural nails and gel nails

Today we are proud to present our new buffer file.

Refine Buffer file pink 120/120 lies comfortably in the hand thanks to its trapezoidal shape. Thanks to the firm core, it does not bend and you matt the nail exactly where you want it. The fine sides work on the natural nail and the transitions. You can also use this file to smooth out unevenness in a modeling.

The trapezoid shape allows you to work more gently. It also helps to optimally file the nail in particularly difficult areas such as the toes. A good file is the first step towards fewer lifts and satisfied customers.

✔ 120/120 grit
✔ Perfect for natural nails and gel nails
✔ Flexible core
✔ Color: Pink