*NEW* Mini humidifier

to improve the air you breathe
uniform mist thanks to ultrasound
400 ml tank volume
for living/sleeping and office spaces
3 different humidification levels

Ultrasonic humidifier with lighting

Today we would like to introduce you to our small but effective ultrasonic humidifier.

The EMMI-AIR MINI is no ordinary humidifier. This device is no bigger than a conventional drinks can and therefore fits perfectly on any desk, whether in the office or at home. Its simple elegance blends seamlessly into any environment and the integrated ultrasonic technology supplies your room with moisture effectively and quietly. But that's not all.

With the EMMI-AIR MINI's fragrance ring, you can use your favorite fragrance oils to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere in your room.

The Emmi®-Air Mini ultrasonic humidifier tackles dry air with precision. It distributes humidified air evenly throughout the room and spreads significantly less bacteria compared to humidifiers with sound wave technology.

The EMMI-AIR MINI ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER - small, powerful and there for you. Improve your indoor air, improve your well-being, improve your life. Experience it for yourself. Order your EMMI-AIR MINI today!