*NEW* Manicure set

Emmi-Nail Manicure Set
39,39 €
24,90 €
Incl. 19% VAT

New nail care set for natural nails

We have packed your must-have nail products into a practical set.

Our manicure set comes in the handy emmi®NAIL bag. Whether you're traveling or just want to freshen up your nails during the day, you can quickly take this set with you.

With the groove filler, the nail surface becomes uniform and the nail shines a beautiful natural pink. For more color on your nails, we recommend our high-quality emmi®NAIL nail polishes.

And this is inside:

Nail clippers
Professional file
Pro-Pusher cuticle pusher
Groove filler pink
Plant-based nail hardener
Cuticle care stick