*NEW* High-Speed 1-Phase Gel milky white

High-Speed 1-Phasen-Gel Milky White 15ml
15,95 €
Incl. 19% VAT

New fast-curing all-in-one gel - perfect for baby boomers

Today we would like to introduce you to our new high-speed gel.

The milky 1-phase gel is used as a base gel, builder gel or sealing gel. The vegan all-in-one gel is slightly milky and medium viscous. It gives you even coverage of the entire nail in just one pass and a natural look on the nail that is well suited for clients who prefer a subtle look. Discover all gels in the high-speed series now.

✔ medium viscosity 1-phase gel
✔ milky white
✔ free from methacrylic acid
✔ HEMA free
✔ vegan
✔ Contents: 15ml