*NEW* Emmi-Nail mini file 180/240

✔ Grit: 180/240
✔ Flexible core
✔ Coated on both sides
✔ Suitable for natural nails

Mini nail file - not just for on the go

Today we are proud to present our new handbag-sized file.

Emmi-Nail Mini File 180/240 is precise and extremely sturdy. This makes this file very durable and hard-wearing, washable and disinfectable. The grains are very firmly attached to the file thanks to a special treatment. Thanks to the flexible core, it adapts ideally to the modeling and you file the nail exactly where you want it. The Emmi-Nail file has a 180 grit on one side for shortening the natural nail and a 240 grit on the other side for fine filing work on the modeling or natural nail.