FFP2 respirator yellow *1 piece*

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FFP2 respirator yellow *1 piece*
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cE certification CE2841
For protection against particles in accordance with standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009
High filter quality
Disposal with household waste
Contents: 1 piece
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Yellow FFP2 respirator mask

A mouth-nose mask like this can help protect others from infection.General hygiene measures such as thorough hand washing are of course still extremely important. Take responsibility for yourself and others and buy the face mask online at Emmi-Nail now.

CE certification CE2841
for protection against particles in accordance with standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009
High filter quality
Disposal with household waste
Contents: 1 piece

Fitting the mask

Press the nose clip firmly onto the nose to ensure a tight fit. Check the tight fit of the mask by carrying out a breath test. The mask must be sucked noticeably against the face when breathing in.

If air enters the mask around the nose, correct the fit using the nose clip. If the mask is generally too loose, twist the ear straps 180° in the shape of a figure of eight.

The mask should be changed as soon as ...

...the mask is no longer tight, e.g. due to a hole, or if it no longer fits snugly after prolonged use.

...the air resistance increases noticeably, e.g. if the mask is soaked through contamination.

Possible problems

It is unlikely that the leakage requirements will be met if there is facial hair between the sealing line of the mask and the face. The mask provides protection against particles, there is no protection against gaseous substances.

Ensure that the air is of sufficient quality with regard to (gaseous) impurities and oxygen content; do not use in an explosive atmosphere.

If the mask is damaged, please do not use it. If the mask does not fit tightly (see Mask fit), adequate protection cannot be guaranteed. Only put on the mask with clean hands to avoid contamination. The mask does not protect against dolomite dust.

Duration of use

The mask is intended for use for one work shift (approx. 8 hours) under normal conditions. The mask is only suitable for single use.

Putting on and taking off the mask

  • open the mask with the nose clip at the top and place it over your mouth and nose.
  • The edge must be in contact with the nose clip on the bridge of the nose. Align the mask and press the nose clip against the bridge of your nose.
  • Place the ear straps over the ears on both sides.
  • Check that the mask is tight.
  • To remove the mask, pull the ear straps forward over your ears. The outside of the mask may be contaminated with aerosol. Avoid contact.

By additionally wearing a Face protection you can minimize the risk of infection for yourself and others. Order ourHand and surface disinfectant 250ml. Unsealed hygiene products cannot be exchanged.

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