Futureline Cover-Gel Make-up Pink 15ml

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Futureline Cover-Gel Make-up Pink 15ml
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Medium viscosity, covering cover gel
S elf-smoothing, very thin application
natural look, perfect for French and baby boomer
free from methacrylic acid
Content: 15ml
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Emmi-Nail Futureline Cover-Gel Make-up Pink 15ml - medium viscosity build-up and make-up gel

The make-up gel ensures a flawless look for nail modeling. It is ideal for modeling baby boomerangs, for docking the French, as well as for nail bed extension with tip technique. The gel contains no methacrylic acid, is vegan and HEMA-free. It ensures a flawless look for nail modeling. It covers small blemishes on the nail such as discoloration or unevenness. It can also be used to visually lengthen a shortened nail bed. A radiant nail design is therefore possible even with stressed nails. It is ideal for strengthening natural nails.

Medium-viscosity, covering cover gel
Self-smoothing, very thin application
Natural look, perfect for French and baby boomer
Free from methacrylic acid
Content: 15ml

Curing time: 120 seconds in the UV device and 60 seconds in the UV/LED device.

Also available in bulk for studio customers in 500ml and 1000ml at 06105-406780 or [email protected]

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Size 15ml
Viscosity Medium viscosity
Opacity Covering
Use MakeUp / Cover
Ingredients HEMA-free, Free from methacrylic acid
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional, Baby boomers
Series Futureline, Cover gel
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