Emmi-Nail acrylic gel nature gum set

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Emmi-Nail acrylic gel nature gum set
Emmi-Nail popits 120s
Acrylic gel nature gum
Base Coat S2
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Acrylic gel set - quick natural nail lengthening with Emmi-Nail popits


The special Emmi-Nail Acrylic gels are characterized by their special formula, in which gel and acrylic are combined.This excellent combination of both systems makes every nail designer's heart beat faster, because the acrylic gels can be applied very thinly and give the natural nail extreme hold.


Set contents:


 Emmi-Nail popits 120er
 Acrylic gel nature gum
 Base Coat S2




  • Super hold even with nail bites
  • Natural shade - perfect for Nail lengthening with the Emmi-Nail popits
  • High viscosity - no running into the nail edges
  • Neutral odor
  • Simple processing and very easy to file
  • Extremely resilient and stable
  • UV- and LED-härtend


Instructions with the Emmi-Nail popits:


  1. Choose the right tip size
  2. .
  3. Prepare your nails as usual and apply a thin layer of Base Coat S2 and let it cure for 2 minutes. (UV or UV/LED)
  4. Paint/model the acrylic gel nature gum with a Pro Pusher into the curl of the tip.
  5. Gently press the tip onto your nail and allow the acrylic gel to cure (60 sec. LED or 120 sec. UV device)
  6. Remove the tip from your modeling afterwards.
  7. Cleaner the nail and file the free nail end into the desired shape and buffer the surface of the nail.
  8. Now you can design your nail as usual and then seal it.


Für the processing we recommend:

Thêm thông tin

Viscosity Extremely stable
Opacity Covering
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional
Kind Acrylic gel
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