Emmi-Nail acrylic gel nature gum 15ml

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Emmi-Nail acrylic gel nature gum 15ml
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S table and extremely stable
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Contents: 15ml
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Emmi-Nail acrylic gel nature gum - as stable as acrylic


The Emmi-Nail Acrylic gel nature gum 15ml is characterized by its extreme stability. It does not lose its shape like conventional UV/LED gel into the nail ridges and is therefore ideal for professionals and beginners. It is also stable even when used thinly.


 stable and extremely stable
 Content: 15ml

The Emmi® nail acrylic gels or polyacrylic gels can be used for almost all nail design techniques. From Natural nail enhancement You can work with Emmi® nail acrylic gels for stencil and tip modeling, French, glitter gradient or full cover design. They can be used with all Emmi® Shellac/UV varnishes and color gels combine.

You save time during nail modeling as all fingers of one hand can be modeled at the same time. The Emmi®-Nail Acrylic Gel stays in place. They only cure under UV or UV/LED light and do not dry in the air like conventional acrylic powder.

This also results in minimal filing as you can take enough time to shape the nail modeling to the desired form and optimally design the C-curve. The new polyacrylic gels in many different color variations with and without glitter will delight every nail designer who likes to work with acrylic and wants a finish at the touch of a button with the various processing techniques. Try it out!




  • Moisten a Cellette with the Emmi-Nail Cleaner.
  • Before the acrylic gel is applied with the brush, it is important that the acrylic gel brush several times from both sides over the cell soaked with cleaner.
  • For optimal application of the acrylic gels, we recommend brushes with synthetic hair (for example Rhinestone brush red cat tongue size 4)
  • If the gel starts to stick to the brush hair, it is important that the brush is removed directly from the cell tablet.




  1. Primer the natural nail with Primer (both with and without acid possible) and Emmi-Nail Base-Coat S2 prepare
  2. Apply the acrylic gel with a Take the metal spatula out of the jar and place it on the nail
  3. It can be worked with the Milky White or the White a French or the color gradient for the baby boomer nail design
  4. Hold for 15 seconds in the curing light
  5. Apply the camouflage gel Milky Rose, Rose or Clear to the natural nail and cover the nail plate with it up to the smile line
  6. For 120 seconds in the UV light curing device or 60 seconds in the Emmi-Nail UV/LED lamp
  7. If necessary, remove the sweat layer with cleaner
  8. File the structure into shape if necessary
  9. With a sealing gel/finishing gel or a UV/LED sealing


Application with Emmi-Nail Popits:


  1. Find the right tip size of the Popits out.
  2. Prepare your nails as usual and apply a thin layer of Base Coat S2 and let it cure for 2 minutes. (UV or UV/LED)
  3. Paint/model the acrylic gel nature gum with a Pro Pusher into the curl of the tip.
  4. Gently press the tip onto your nail and allow the acrylic gel to cure (60 sec. LED or 120 sec. UV device)
  5. Remove the tip from your modeling afterwards.
  6. Clean the nail and file the free nail end into the desired shape and buffer the surface of the nail.
  7. Now you can design your nail as usual and then seal it.


Cleaning recommendation:


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Size 15ml
Viscosity Extremely stable
Opacity Covering
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional
Use Structure, MakeUp / Cover, Acrylic gel
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