Emmi-Nail silicone brush set of 5

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Emmi-Nail silicone brush set of 5
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sofort lieferbar
for the application of gel
S uitable for various nail art
can be disinfected
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Silicone brushes for various nail design applications


With our emmi®Nail silicone brush in a set of 5, you can apply UV gels, 3D gels or color gels excellently.

These gels can be modeled excellently with this brush with silicone tip without blending and also distributed evenly. You can also use it to create a perfect smiley line for your French manicure. You can create beautiful color gradients and patterns with it or marble your nails.

On top of that, it is also helpful for removing gel from the edge of the nail.

 for applying gel
 suitable for various nail art

These brushes are designed for both beginners and professional nail designers thanks to their uncomplicated handling. It can be easily cleaned and disinfected with a brush cleaner and a gel residue cell.

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Handle Acrylic
Use Structure, French, Nail art
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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