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UV/LED acrylic gel glitter 12ml

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UV/LED acrylic gel glitter 12ml
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Liquid build-up gel
S table and flexible
HEMA free
Content: 12ml
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Acrylic gel glitter 12ml in a bottle

The emmi®NAIL acrylic gel in a bottle with fine glitter particles is a medium-viscosity build-up gel. It does not run into the nail edges like conventional UV gel and is therefore ideal for beginners, advanced users and professionals. It is extremely stable and yet flexible, even when applied thinly. Our BIAB gel is HEMA-free and therefore safer for users and nail designers. HEMA-free gels reduce the risk of allergic skin reactions such as eczema.

The emmi®NAIL acrylic gels or polyacrylic gels can be used for natural nail reinforcement, stencil and tip modeling, French or full cover designs. They can be combined with all emmi® Shellac/UV polishes and color gels.

✔ Liquid build-up gel
✔ Stable and flexible
✔ Acid-free
✔ HEMA-free
✔ Content: 12ml


  1. Prepare the natural nail and roughen slightly
  2. Prepare nail with priming gel or Prep & Prime
  3. Apply a thin layer of acrylic gel and harden
  4. Repeat with a second coat if required
  5. Finish with a sealing gel or sealer.

Thêm thông tin

Size 12ml
Viscosity Medium viscosity
Opacity Glitter
Ingredients HEMA-free, Free from methacrylic acid
Suitable for / for Advanced, Professional
Series Acrylic gels
Use Structure
Kind Acrylic gel
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