Emmi Shellac UV/LED lacquer Cat Eye 06 -L389-

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Emmi Shellac UV/LED lacquer Cat Eye 06 -L389-
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60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
Thin to medium viscosity
S helf life up to 28 days
High covering power
Long-lasting gloss
S cratch and impact resistant
Contents: 15ml
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Emmi-Shellac / UV Varnish Cat Eye 06 - makes the nail stable like a natural nail reinforcement and gives breathtaking effects.


The fine, magnetic pigments in the Cat Eye UV polish combine with a magnet to create an exciting look and conjure up impressive and unique effects on your nails. Magically attracted by the power of the magnet, the metal particles of the Cat Eye varnishes create effective light reflections on the fingers and nails. With the Emmi-Nail magnetic wand, you can achieve the exciting cat's eye effect in no time at all and with the Emmi-Nail Magnet Pen trendy flower patterns or fine stripes.

Emmi Shellac / UV polish Cat Eye 06 15ml gives you an elegant, natural look and exclusive shine on your nails for up to 28 days. The medium-viscosity consistency makes it easy to apply like nail polish and lasts without chipping or scratching. The thin layers feel pleasantly light and natural on the nail.

With Emmi-Nail UV polish, you can conjure up a rich color and a stable natural nail reinforcement. The base/top coat and the UV color lacquer are applied individually and cured in a light curing unit.

Remover them without tedious and time-consuming filing but simply with the Remover liquid. This saves you time and money and turns every new and long-lasting color look into a wellness experience for your customer.


 dünn- to medium-viscosity
 Shelf life up to 28 days
 high coverage
 long-lasting shine
 scratch- and bump-resistant
 Content: 15ml

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Viscosity Low to medium viscosity
Size 15ml
Opacity Covering, Metal effect
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
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