Rhinestone display with 12 compartments "Round"

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Rhinestone display with 12 compartments "Round"
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Round rhinestones
in a practical box
different colors
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Rhinestone display with 12 compartments "Round" - colorful rhinestone beads

These micro-small beads transform your nails into real pieces of jewelry and can be easily incorporated into the gel or acrylic modeling.12 ultimate rhinestone colors for every kind of Nail art are included in this fan. Sparkle with the stones!

round rhinestones
in a practical tin
Various colors

Get the stones, on the nails, ready, go....


  • Work your nail design as usual
  • Seal your design with our Emmi sealing gels and place the stones in your chosen position before curing
  • Cure the sealant for approx. 30 seconds and then carefully coat the stones with sealing gel to ensure a perfect hold
  • Then cure the finished design for 240 seconds
  • Remove the inhibition layer with our High-Gloss Cleaner
  • The special nail art is finished
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