Polishing file 3-way

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Polishing file 3-way
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For artificial and natural nails
Coated on 3 sides
High gloss in no time at all
Also for manicures for men
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Polishing file with 3 grits - high gloss in no time at all

The Emmi-Nail Polishing File 3-way brings a natural shine to your fingernails without nail polish. Every woman wants freshly manicured hands. All you need is our polishing file and a little Nail oil. Well-groomed fingernails that always look as if they have just been painted are no longer a pipe dream with the polishing file. Use the coarsest coat to remove fine ridges and unevenness from the nail surface. Finish with the medium thickness. The nail can now be polished with the nail file. Within a few seconds, the nail plates will have a natural shine.

For artificial and natural nails
Coated on 3 sides
High gloss in the blink of an eye
Also for manicures for men
Dimensions (LxW): 17.3cm x 3cm

Red: coarse
Grey: fine/smooth
White: polish

This professional nail file should not be missing from any basic equipment. Even well-groomed men's hands have long been a must-have in the meeting room. Expand your customer base, not only the beard should be groomed. Hands are often a first impression that lasts!

Instructions for polishing natural nails:

  1. Shape the nail into the desired form. We recommend the Professional file professional file 240/320.
  2. File over the nail several times with the coarse side of the polishing file until a layer of dust forms. (do not remove)
  3. Repeat the same with the finer side.
  4. Then start the polishing process with the white side.
  5. This creates a shine that permanently beautifies the natural nail.

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Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
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