*NEW* Emmi-Nail UV/LED Vision

Emmi-Nail UV/LED Vision light curing device
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Emmi-Nail UV/LED Vision Mint light curing device
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Incl. 19% VAT

New nail lamp with extra high entry

Today we are proud to present our new UV/LED device.

The emmi®NAIL UV/LED light curing device cures Shellac and nail gel in the shortest possible time. The LED display is super easy to clean and disinfect and shows you at a glance when to continue with the next hand.

To start, simply place your hand in the lamp. The light barrier ensures that the LEDs switch on immediately. The UV/LED lamp has a memory function and starts with the timer that was last selected.

Thanks to the extra high entrance, fingernails no longer get caught on the upper edge. There is now also more than enough space for feet. And for those who like it a little more colorful: the new Vision lamp is also available in turquoise.

✔ 45 high-quality UV LEDs
✔ Low-heat timer for low heat generation
✔ Automatic start sensor
✔ Timer 30, 60, 90, 120 seconds
✔ With digital LCD display
✔ Removable base plate
✔ Extra high access 10cm