Jumbo file long life 100/100

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Jumbo file long life 100/100
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grain size 100/100
Extra wide
Low clogging behavior
Pleasant filing feel
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Nail file for nail modeling - more pleasant for the customer due to reduced heat development and very durable

Jumbo file long life 100/100is the revised, latest version of the Emmi-Nail files. The calcium and zinc powder applied to the file extends its service life. It also reduces heat build-up during filing. As a nail designer, you have good abrasion and the customer finds filing much more pleasant.

This file is very durable and hard-wearing, washable and disinfectable. Thanks to the flexible core, it adapts ideally to the modeling and you file the nail exactly where you want it. This nail file is a multi-talent in your nail salon or at home, allowing you to work outfine or coarse irregularities quickly and cleanly . The extra wide shape enables quick and even filing.

1 00/100 grit
Extra wide
Low clogging behavior
Pleasant filing feel

For particularly high hygiene requirements - for example in nail salons- our Interchangeable files for straight or trapezoidalNail files are available. These consist of three components: A stainless steel handle, an adhesive device and the respective interchangeable blade.

Files can also be given to the customer to take home after use. As a hygiene product, the effort required for the recommended disinfection and cleaning is hardly in proportion to the price of a new file. With a new nail file, you are always on the safe side when it comes to Germs and bacteria in the nail salon in the nail salon. Every customer is happy to be greeted with a clean, unused file. Make the difference to other studios and focus on quality and cleanliness. For the future of your nail salon.

Advantages compared to a normal file:

  • high removal rates
  • low clogging behavior
  • very high surface quality
  • Filing papers designed for extreme durability
  • pleasant filing feel with stearate finish

info: The lower the grit size, the coarser the filing result, the higher the grit size, the finer the result.

  • Grit 80 - for coarse removal
  • Grit 100 - shorten and file into shape
  • 180 grit - for blending the tip transition
  • 240 grit - for the final fine sanding

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Grain size 100/100
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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