Emmi®-Lashes eyelash shampoo 50ml

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Emmi®-Lashes eyelash shampoo 50ml
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For natural and artificial eyelashes
Cleans and degreases
50ml foam dispenser
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Emmi®-Lashes eyelash shampoo - mild with a pleasant fragrance

Emmi®-Lashes eyelash shampoo is a mild cleansing foam to cleanse the eyelashes before Eyelash extensions lash extensions.It removes everyday residues from the lashes and also degreases them. Thanks to the selected ingredients, the shampoo also has a soothing effect on the sensitive eye area.

For natural and artificial eyelashes
Cleanses and degreases
50ml foam dispenser

The eyelash shampoo is available in a practical 50 ml foam dispenser and can also be sold to the customer for self-application.By using an eyelash shampoo, the eyelashes remain supple for longer and everyday residues such as dust, flakes of skin etc. are removed.

Application :

We recommend daily use.

Apply a small amount of eyelash shampoo to damp fingers or an eyelash brush Eyelash brush and gently massage it into the extensions from above and below. Wash off the shampoo with plenty of water after cleansing.

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Size 50ml
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