Emmi®-Lashes Speed Bonder 15ml

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Emmi®-Lashes Speed Bonder 15ml
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For faster drying through
Improves the durability of the extensions
binds the adhesive vapors
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The Emmi®-Lashes Speed Bonder ensures faster drying and better durability of the adhesive after just 3 minutes.

The Speed Bonder is an aid for all types of eyelash extensions. It is a liquid that is applied to the finished lashes after gluing. This process ensures that the glue dries through, so that the specified 48-hour grace period for drying is no longer necessary. It immediately binds the adhesive vapors.

For faster drying through
Better durability of the extensions
binds the adhesive vapors

This means that clients' eyes are less irritated and the extensions hold better. Sauna or solarium sessions, showers, sports or other activities are no longer a problem immediately after treatment .The Speed Bonder comes in a 15 ml bottle with a pipette, making it easier to apply the liquid to the eyelashes.


  • After the glue has dried (approx. 2 minutes), apply a small drop of the Speed Bonder to a microbrush or applicator. Now wet the glue dots.
  • leave to dry for 3 minutes.
  • Can be washed out, but does not have to be. We only recommend washing it out if the client's eyes are irritated and she reacts to the residual vapors.

Conclusion: The durability of the extensions is improved enormously and customers tend to experience even less eye irritation due to the removed adhesive vapors.

15ml are sufficient for approx. 150-200 applications.

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