Emmi-Nail Shellac UV/LED Lacquer Comet -L458-

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Emmi-Nail Shellac UV/LED Lacquer Comet -L458-
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sofort lieferbar
60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
thick viscosity
S helf life up to 28 days
S cratch and impact resistant
Contents: 15ml
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Emmi Shellac UV/LED lacquer Comet - makes the nail stable like a natural nail reinforcement and gives a breathtaking shine

The rose-colored Shellac gives you a subtle rose shade for up to 28 days and exclusive shine on your nails. The medium-viscosity consistency makes it easy to apply like nail polish and lasts without chipping or scratching. The thin layers feel pleasant light and naturalon the nail.

With Emmi-Nail UV polish, you can conjure up a natural look and a stable Natural nail strengthening. The base/top coat and the UV color lacquer are applied individually and cured in a light curing device.The polish is removed without tedious and time-consuming filing, but simply with the remover liquid. This saves you time and money and turns every new and long-lasting color look into a wellness experience for your customer.


thick and viscous
Shelf life up to 28 days
scratch and impact resistant
Content: 15ml


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Viscosity Thick viscosity
Size 15ml
Opacity Milky
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional, Natural nails
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