Emmi Nail Art Powder Set Gold

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Emmi Nail Art Powder Set Gold
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for the chrome look
ultra-fine pigments
incl. 6x applicator
Content: 6 x 2g
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Emmi-Chrome Powder-Set Gold - ultra-fine, high-quality pigments

Emmi-Nail Chrome Pigments give your nails the trendy mirror effect. The 6 different gold shades are perfectly coordinated and conjure up a shimmering golden chrome sheen, and not just at Christmas time. Different color effects are created depending on which color gel you use as a base. This irresistible nail art trend is now available especially for gel nails.

for the chrome look
ultra-fine pigments
incl. 6x applicator
Contents: 6 x 2g


  1. Build up nail as usual
  2. Color gel apply as desired (the effect is best on black or gray) and cure for 60 seconds (30 seconds in LED)
  3. Emmi-Nail UV-Top Sealing apply and cure for 60 seconds
  4. With the Applicator remove some pigment and massage into the still-warm sealer
  5. Remove the excess powder with our Dusting brush remove
  6. Seal with our Emmi sealing gels or UV top sealers
  7. Finished

Instead of the color gel, you can also use our Glossy gels instead of the color gel. After curing, you can massage the pigment directly onto the nail. remove any excess powder. Finally, the nail design is sealed.


  • Before applying the sealer without a layer of perspiration, you should make sure that the surface is smooth and dust-free. Only then will the chrome effect really come into its own.
  • To achieve a long-lasting chrome effect, be sure to cure your sealer gel for 4 minutes under LED or UV light.

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Opacity Metal effect
Use Nail art
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