Emmi-Nail UV/LED-Top Shiny Sealing 15ml

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Emmi-Nail UV/LED-Top Shiny Sealing 15ml
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120 sec. UV/LED240 sec. UV
improved quality
Long-lasting gloss
without condensation layer
curing under UV or UV/LED light
Contents: 15ml
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Medium-viscosity sealing gel without sweat layer - for a super long-lasting shine on your nail modeling


The UV/LED Top Shiny Sealing 15ml is medium viscosity and gives your nail design a sophisticated glossy effect at the end. The honey effect also ensures that the sealing smoothes itself out during curing, resulting in an even and smooth surface.

The sealing gel in the bottle is applied directly from the bottle to the nail with the integrated brush as a sealant and then cured for 4 minutes under UV light and 2 minutes under UV/LED light. It develops no sweat layer and makes your nails shine immediately after curing, ensuring an elegant, long-lasting nail design that you can enjoy for a long time.


Improved quality
long-lasting shine
without sweating layer
Curing under UV or UV/LED light
Content: 15ml

Thêm thông tin

Size 15ml
Viscosity Medium viscosity
Opacity Clear / Colored
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
Series Sealing & Shine
Use Sealing
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