Emmi-Nail dust protection masks 10pcs.

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Emmi-Nail dust protection masks 10pcs.
Protective masks in a set of 10
High-density cotton fabric
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Mouth and nose masks to protect against dust when milling

Cutters are indispensable tools for working in the nail salon. To protect yourself from filing dust, we recommend our washable dust protection masks.

Such a face mask can also help to protect yourself and others from infection. General hygiene measures such as thorough hand washing are of course still extremely important. Take responsibility for yourself and others and buy your face mask online at Emmi-Nail now.

S et of 10
Material: Antimicrobial nano-silver fibers, polyester, cotton
Washable, dimensions 14cm x 14cm

The face mask contains 3 layers of fabric with special properties:

Outer layer:

High-density cotton fabric in elegant color, suitable for all ages.

Middle layer:

Integrated exclusive antiviral nano silver fibers. The silver nano technology acts as a safety filter and eliminates microorganisms that have passed through the outer layer of the face mask.

Inner layer/skin contact layer:

The antiviral knitted fabric is soft, airy and breathable. The concentration of microorganisms on the knitted fabric layer is around 100 times lower than with conventional fabric. This excellent property is retained even after washing more than 30 times!

Instructions for use:

wash and dry at 60°C before first use and before each new use
Remove carefully after use
Avoid touching the outer surface when removing the mask
Do not put the used mask down anywhere, preferably store it briefly in a sealable container until cleaning
Change the mask when it is soaked
Wash your hands thoroughly after removing

Cleaning the face mask:

It is best to wash the face mask by hand only, but then heat it in the oven at 60°C for 30 minutes
Only wash at 60°C with the addition of mild detergent
Outer layer can be ironed at up to 60°C
DO NOT place in the microwave / nano-silver fibers will otherwise be destroyed.

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