Emmi-Nail Line Art Gel "white" 7g

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Emmi-Nail Line Art Gel "white" 7g
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sofort lieferbar
60 sec. UV/LED120 sec. UV
curing under UV or UV/LED light
Without inhibition layer
O ptimum covering power
For fine lines
Contents: 7g
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Emmi-Nail Line Art Gel "white" - for fine lines and nail art paintings


The Emmi-Nail Line gels have a fine drag brush for exact and filigree lines. The white UV gel is cured under UV or UV/LED light. Cleaning is not necessary as the colored gel cures without an inhibition layer. Due to the high pigmentation of the gels, they cover immediately with the first brush stroke. This makes your decorations on the nail design even better. And if something goes wrong, the color can simply be removed with Emmi-Nail Cleaner.In our guide you will find everything you need to know about the new trend "Face Line" you should know.


 Curing under UV or UV/LED light
 without inhibition layer
 optimal opacity
 for fine lines
 Content: 7g

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