Emmi-Nail File Christmas Party 180/180

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Emmi-Nail File Christmas Party 180/180
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grain size 180/180
Flexible core
Coated on both sides
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Christmas themed nail file for perfect nails

Get ready for the festive season with our exclusive file, which not only ensures flawless nails, but is also decorated with enchanting Christmas motifs. The nail file is not only an indispensable tool for nail care, but also a charming addition to your festive beauty routine.

Emmi-Nail files with Christmas motifs are precision-made and extremely sturdy. This makes these files very durable and hard-wearing, washable and disinfectable. The cores are very firmly attached to the files thanks to a special treatment. Thanks to the flexible core, they adapt perfectly to the modeling and you file the nail exactly where you want it. You can work out fine irregularities quickly and cleanly with the file. The Emmi-Nail files have 180 grit on both sides and are suitable for filing work on fingernails.

1 80/180 grit
Flexible core
Coated on both sides

Info: The lower the grit size, the coarser the filing result, the higher the grit size, the finer the result.

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Grain size 180/180
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