Emmi-Nail Edge Popits 120s

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Emmi-Nail Edge Popits 120s
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Highly flexible material
For acrylic gel or gel modeling
Tabs for easy removal of the tips from the nail
Practical scaling for precise and easy extension of the nail
Content: 120 pieces
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Emmi-Nail Edge Popits 120 - Nail lengthening quick and easy

The Emmi-Nail Popits in the trendy Edge nail shape are suitable for both the new acrylic gel system and gel modeling. The shape of the tips perfectly shapes the C-curve during nail lengthening. The Emmi-Nail fixation clamp prevents the tips from slipping and ensures a secure hold on the nail. During the curing of the acrylic gels, the clamp ensures a perfect hold of the tips on the nail. Suitable for beginners.


 Highly flexible material

 Tabs for easy removal of the tips from the nail
 Practical scaling for precise and easy lengthening of the nail
 Content: 120 pieces



  1. Choose the correct tip size
  2. .
  3. Prepare your nails as usual and apply a thin layer of Primer on.
  4. Paint/model the Acrylic gell or gel with a Pro Pusher into the curl of the tip.
  5. Gently press the tip onto your nail and allow the acrylic gel to cure (30 sec. LED or 120 sec. UV device). For a better hold of the popits, we recommend our fixation clamp.
  6. .
  7. Carefully remove the tip from your modeling.
  8. Cleaner the nail and file the free nail end into the desired shape and buffer the surface of the nail.
  9. Now you can design your nail as usual and then seal it.

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