Emmi-Nail Diamond Manicure Bit Set

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Emmi-Nail Diamond Manicure Bit Set
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sofort lieferbar
for professional cuticle removal
s uitable for manicure & pedicure
For all common cutters
Can be sterilized and disinfected
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Manicure bit set - for professional cuticle removal

The 8-piece nail bit set makes it possible to achieve an extremely clean and perfect natural nail. Due to the extremely thorough removal and smoothing of the cuticle, you get a wonderfully well-groomed nail.With the 8 different bits, the cuticles are neatly removed from all areas of the nail. The attachments can be used for manicures or pedicures.

for professional cuticle removal
S uitable for manicures & pedicures
For all standard cutters
Can be sterilized and disinfected

To clean the bits, we recommend the Emmi-Nail nylon cleaning brush or the Emmi-Nail bit brush. Both remove filing dust and gel residue. You can then clean the bits in our ultrasonic devices .

Grit sizes:
  • Bits with red marking - fine
  • Bits with blue marking - medium

Suitable for all milling cutters with a collet holder of Ø 2.35 mm.

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Kind Diamond, Processing of natural nails, Cuticle removal, Pedicure, fine, medium
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