Emmi-Nail Cat Eye Magnetic Wand Duo-Tool

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Emmi-Nail Cat Eye Magnetic Wand Duo-Tool
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2 in1 Cat Eye magnetic wand
for Cat Eye & Tiger Eye gels and polishes
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Cat-Eye magnetic wand duo tool - For magnetic highlights

The mystical colors of Emmi-Nail Cat Eye gels and lacquers are enriched with magnetic pigments and therefore react to the cat-eye magnet. Magically attracted by the power of the magnet, the metal particles of the Cat Eye gels and polishes create effective light reflections on the fingers. With the Emmi-Nail magnetic wand, you can create trendy floral patterns or fine stripes in no time at all.

 2in1 Cat Eye magnetic wand
 für Cat Eye & Tiger Eye gels and polishes 



  • Prepare your nails as usual and file the structure into shape
  • Now apply the Tiger Eye Gel and let it cure under UV light for 120 seconds and under LED light for 60 seconds (do not cleanse)
  • Then apply a 2nd layer of Tiger Eye Gel (do not cure) and carefully hold the magnetic pen with the desired side over the gel
  • Harden the nail and seal the design

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