Emmi-Nail Cat Eye Magnet "All-in-one"

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Emmi-Nail Cat Eye Magnet "All-in-one"
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Magnetic pen for impressive cat eye effects on your nails.
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Cat Eye Magnet "All-in-one" - For magnetic highlights on the nail modeling

The mystical colors of the Emmi-Nail Cat Eye gels are enriched with magnetic pigments and therefore react to the cat eye magnet. Magically attracted by the power of the magnet, the metal particles of the Cat Eye gels create effective light reflections on the fingernails. With the Emmi-Nail Magnet "All-in-one", you can create waves, crosses, stripes and other exciting effects in no time at all.


  • Prepare your nails as usual and file the structure into shape
  • Now apply the Tiger Eye Gel and let it harden under UV light for 120 seconds and under LED light for 60 seconds (do not clean)
  • Then apply a 2nd coat of Tiger Eye Gel (do not cure) and carefully hold the Magnet Pen with the desired side over the gel
  • Cure the nail and seal the design


  • Length: 8.0cm
  • Width: 0.8cm
  • Handle length: 3.0cm

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