Emmi-dent oral irrigator

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Emmi-dent oral irrigator
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360° cleaning
Gum massage
Braces cleaning
Implant cleaning
Anti-slip design
IPX7 waterproof
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Healthy and well-groomed teeth with the emmi®-dent oral irrigator

Brushing teeth alone is often not enough to clean interdental spaces thoroughly and effectively. The emmi®-dent oral irrigator has been specially developed to gently clean the spaces between teeth. To protect against gum problems - where conventional toothbrushes cannot reach. Compared to dental floss, the emmi®-dent oral irrigator offers perfect cleaning even with crowded teeth or hard-to-reach interdental spaces. The device has four modes: impulse, gentle, normal and strong. With the four nozzle attachments supplied, you have the right nozzle to hand for every cleaning task. We recommend replacing the nozzles every 3 months. You can find replacement nozzles for the oral irrigator here.

The emmi-dent oral irrigator is extremely versatile and offers a wide range of applications to support comprehensive oral hygiene:

Interdental spaces:
The oral irrigator is ideal for cleaning interdental spaces thoroughly and effectively where conventional tooth brushing is often insufficient. It removes food debris and plaque that can accumulate there.

Braces and implants:
The oral irrigator is particularly valuable for people with braces, bridges or implants. It reaches hard-to-reach areas and removes deposits around braces and implants.

Sensitive gums:
The gentle cleaning modes of the oral irrigator are ideal for people with sensitive gums. It provides thorough cleaning without causing any stress to the gums.

Periodontal pockets:
The special nozzle attachments of the oral irrigator can be used to clean periodontal pockets. They help to remove bacteria from deeper areas of the gums.

Fresh breath:
The oral irrigator can help to reduce bacteria on the tongue that can cause bad breath. This leads to a long-lasting fresh breath feeling.

Massage of the gums:
Thanks to the gentle water jet, the oral irrigator pleasantly massages the gums, which promotes blood circulation and contributes to gum health.

Effective plaque removal:
The different cleaning modes make it possible to effectively remove plaque, which reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Cleaning the tongue surface:
A special nozzle attachment can be used to clean the tongue surface and thus combat bad breath.

Nozzle attachments:

Basic attachment:
Suitable for daily tooth cleaning, more effective than dental floss, healthier for the gums.
Ultra-fine pulse water column, penetrates deep into the gaps between the teeth, grooves and lower gums.
Cleans the tooth surface and removes food debris.

Braces attachment:
Suitable for cleaning braces or other dental appliances.
The attachment is designed to remove hidden bacteria, build-up, soft dirt and food debris.
Suitable for daily dental care.

Gum pocket attachment:
Suitable for periodontal pocket cleaning, injected in specific areas below the gum line.
The pulsating water column penetrates deep into the periodontal pocket/subgingival area.
The fine soft nozzle can remove the harmful bacteria in the periodontal pocket/6-7mm below the gum line.
The pulsating water flow massages the gums pleasantly.

Tongue cleaner attachment:
Suitable for cleaning the tongue surface and helpful against bad breath.
Arc-shaped design that adapts to the shape of the tongue coating and covers the shape of the outer tongue.
Effective against food debris and bacteria on the tongue surface.

360° cleaning
4 settings
IPX7 waterproof
Anti-slip design
Very quiet
Easy to use
Gum massage
Braces cleaning
Implant cleaning
Water tank: 310ml

The device has four modes:

Pulse: 40~70psi
Soft: 70 psi
Normal: 90 psi
Power: 120 psi

Scope of delivery:

1x emmi-dent oral irrigator (handpiece, black)
4x emmi-dent nozzles
1x emmi-dent USB-C charging cable

According to scientific studies, people around the age of 30 are particularly susceptible to caries formation in the interdental spaces. This is where plaque and food residues prefer to accumulate, which cannot be completely removed during daily oral hygiene with a conventional toothbrush alone - for a different kind of tooth cleaning, get our emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush. The acids formed by plaque bacteria attack the tooth enamel. This damages the tooth and leads to harmful tooth decay.

Use the emmi-dent oral irrigator to thoroughly clean the spaces between your teeth.

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