EM-060 Prosthetic cleaner / Dental cleaner

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EM-060 Prosthetic cleaner / Dental cleaner
Trong kho
sofort lieferbar
for the ultrasonic bath
Cleans braces and dentures
Contents: 500ml
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Mô tả

  • Removes: limescale, oxides, rust, tartar and mineral deposits, mild effect on organic soiling
  • Suitable for:
     aluminum, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, brass or plastic
  • Application:
    3-10% EM-060 (in relation to the filling quantity) for 5-15 min. cleaning. When finished, rinse thoroughly with water!
  • Temperature:
    0-70 °C-
  • Content: 500ml
  • Specially developed for ultrasonic cleaning
- When used properly, fast and gentle cleaning is guaranteed! -

Rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning!
R-phrases: R34; R36 / S-phrases: S26; S36/37/39 ; S45
CPNP reference: 1330841
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