EM 200 disinfectant concentrate 500ml

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EM 200 disinfectant concentrate 500ml
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for ultrasound
Disinfection and cleaning
Contents: 500ml
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EM-200 highly effective disinfection and cleaning

Due to its combination of active ingredients, EM-200 disinfectant concentrate is able to cover a comprehensive spectrum of activity with the lowest possible application concentrations, without any unpleasant odors for the staff.Indispensable in every practice and studio.For disinfecting and cleaning rigid objects, endoscopes and surgical instruments of all kinds.With extremely effective corrosion protection.

for ultrasound
Disinfection and cleaning
Contents: 500ml

Due to its outstanding cleaning power, disinfection with simultaneous cleaning is possible. Protein fixation is avoided due to the high cleaning power. In terms of personnel protection, disinfection can therefore be carried out immediately without pre-cleaning.Disinfectant concentrateonly suitable for ultrasonic bathsuitable!

  • very powerful cleaning
  • Short-term disinfection from 5 min.
  • good material compatibility
  • bactericidal incl. TBC/MRSA
  • virus-inactivating incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, Adeno, Papova
  • biodegradable
  • VAH-listed


  • Place instruments in the working solution immediately after use when open.
  • All surfaces and cavities to be disinfected must be completely wetted with the working solution.
  • Renew the solution depending on the degree of soiling. After the disinfection time
  • Rinse instruments thoroughly and dry.

CPNP reference: 1331420

"Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use."

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