Emmi-Nail 100-tip box filled natural

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Emmi-Nail 100-tip box filled natural
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Filled with tips in a straight shape
Break-resistant and resilient
Color: natural
Content: 100 pieces
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100 tip box filled - for natural nails


The natural-colored tips in the practical 100-tip box have a notch so that they can be easily adapted to the natural nail and do not slip. This tip is ideal for the normally waxed nail. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the tips are unbreakable and easy to use. With the nail tips, you can Lengthen gel and natural nails. They provide the shape for long nails, but can also be customized. Whether you want to create your nails with Gel Tips. Thanks to their high quality, Emmi nail tips are very stable, easy to file and adapt perfectly to natural nails.

 filled with tips in a straight shape
 unbreakable and resilient
 color: natural

 Content: 100 pieces




  1. Push nail skin with a Pro Pusher and push back the natural nail with a buffer Roughen the nail
  2. Pick out a suitable tip and use the apply the tip glue to the tip
  3. Place the tip steeply from below at the tip of the nail and push it into the right place with a little pressure
  4. Lightly file the transition from the tip to the natural nail with a nail file . For faster filing, we recommend the Emmi-Nail Tip-Blender.
  5. .
  6. apply primer to the natural nail and then start with the modeling

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Tip color Nature
Suitable for / for Beginners, Advanced, Professional
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